The OQRS (Online QSL Requests) system enables people you have contacted to request QSL cards from you through your log search page in Club Log, without necessarily sending you their QSL card and waiting for it to reach you. They have the option to pay you to send them cards 'direct' (through the postal system), otherwise they can request cards for free 'via bureau' (through the QSL bureaux).

OQRS is available to all Club Log users. However, make sure you understand how the system works and be prepared to write and send out QSL cards before enabling OQRS and, in effect, entering into contracts with other amateurs.

Since many amateurs are unwilling or unable to pay for direct cards, it is a condition of using Club Log OQRS that, if requested, you must send bureau cards free of charge. Please do not enable Club Log OQRS if you are unwilling or unable to do this, for instance if you do not belong to a national radio society or QSL bureau service and hence cannot send outbound cards through the bureaux.

Important notes

  1. OQRS is provided 'as is' with no guarantees. It is free to use provided users accept all risks.
  2. People requesting direct cards though OQRS pay you through PayPal. Aside from providing information, Club Log plays no part in the financial transactions. It does not receive or process the money and takes no commission. PayPal charges are nothing to do with Club Log.
  3. Club Log also does not send or manage your QSL cards for you - you must do this!

Postal costs do vary around the world but be reasonable about your charges. Amateur radio is a hobby, not a commercial venture.

How to enable OQRS

Login to Club Log, select "Settings" in the top menu and then click the "OQRS" button. The settings available are:

Enable QSL requests

Set to 'Enabled' to switch on OQRS for your log.

QSL Query Address

Enter the address where people can email you if they have QSL or log queries.

QSL Instructions

You can enter text here (to be displayed to users about to start a QSL request). HTML is ok.

Offer direct QSLs

Uncheck this box if you only want to offer bureau card requests.

PayPal Address

Enter the email address you use for PayPal here. You need to register with PayPal first if you have not already done so.


You can choose which PayPal currency you want to use. The options are USD (US Dollars), GBP (UK Pounds Sterling), EUR (Euros), AUD (Australian Dollars) and JPY (Japanese Yen)

Charge per card

Set this to the amount in US Dollars it normally costs you to send someone a single QSL card direct. Do not set this too high - $2 is considered appropriate. Remember you are able to charge fractional amounts such as $2.20.

QSOs per card

If necessary, you can charge more for each card. Set the number of QSOs per card, and Club Log will add another "Charge per card" when required.

Note: the recommended way to set OQRS is that "Charge per card" is set to zero. In the past, charing per QSO was supported. This has been removed to prevent excessive charging.

Click 'Save changes' to activate OQRS on your log.

How OQRS works

Amateurs can enter their callsigns and search your log in Club Log to check whether they appear in your log. The address of your log search page is:

where CALLSIGN is replaced by your callsign.

If they do appear in your log, and if you have enabled OQRS, Club Log gives them a "Request QSL" button on the search results page. Clicking the button allows them to request cards either direct (at some cost, paid via PayPal) or via bureau (always free). The amount they are charged for direct cards depends on the preferences you have set on your 'Settings' page.

If the person searching your log is also a registered user of Club Log, they will not need to fill in the QSO details in their OQRS requests. Club Log does this for them, automatically, using QSO details from their log. Apart from being easier, this helps avoid typing errors.

How to process OQRS requests when they arrive

You must respond promptly to OQRS requests you receive by preparing and sending out your QSL cards - Club Log will not do this for you!

Whenever someone requests a direct card from you through OQRS, their payment through PayPal triggers two emails to be sent from PayPal stating the amount paid and the QSO data: one email is sent to the address you have configured in OQRS and another is sent to them as a receipt. Provided you only receive occasional OQSL requests, there is sufficient information in the email from PayPal for you to prepare and send cards manually. Otherwise, for larger volumes, see below under "Using Club Log to print cards and labels".

Bureau and direct requests are also sent to you in a once-daily email summary. Note that reference may be made to "Incomplete" transactions. These are transactions where a user got to the PayPal checkout but then abandoned their order. These are deleted after 24h and may be safely ignored.

Using Club Log to print cards and labels

For heavy OQRS users (e.g. DXpeditions receiving hundreds or thousands of QSL card requests), Club Log generates ADIF files containing the relevant QSOs and addresses. However, since few amateur programs are presently able to use QSL address data in ADIF files, Club Log also provides its own built in OQRS printing facility. To use this, click the link labelled in green "OQRS Management Tools". It looks like this: