Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

The DX Century Club Awards article in the February 1990 issue of QST announced:

"Conway and Banaba - New DXCC Countries

By unanimous vote (7-0), the ARRL Awards Committee has accepted the recommendations of the ARRL DX Advisory Committee to add Conway (3D2) and Banaba (T33) to the ARRL DXCC Countries List, by virtue of point 2(b) of the Countries List Criteria.

Conway (3D2), a territory of the Republic of Fiji, lies about 280 statute miles south-west of Viti Levu (3D2), and more than 500 miles from Rotuma (3D2)."

<snip - paragraph on Banaba>

"Because no activity is believed to have taken place from Conway prior to the 3D2CR operation of April, 1989, contacts with the reef are creditable effective the start of this operation"

The RSGB DX News Sheet #1363, dated 1989-04-26, reported:"The 3D2CR team arrived around 0500z on Wednesday, and was very active". Thus, the start of the 3D2CR operation was 1989-04-19.

ARRL QST February, 1990.

RSGB DX News Sheet, #1362, 1989-04-19.

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