If you want to show visitors to your website or QRZ page your recent QSOs and have the view update automatically (without the page reloading), Club Log can generate a dynamic display showing a mini display of your most recent 10 QSOs.

How to use

1) Enable the last 10 QSOs widget on the 'Settings' page of your account. Note that it is disabled by default, so you must enable it if you decide to use it.

2) Allow your callsign to appear in the leagues, using the 'Show in leagues' option in the Settings > Callsigns page. If your call is hidden from the leagues, you can't use the last 10 QSOs widget

3) Add the code to your web page:

<iframe align="top" frameborder="0" height="75" name="iframe" scrolling="no" src="https://clublog.org/rtq.html?call=G7VJR" width="650"></iframe>

Replace G7VJR with your own callsign. 

Note: this feature is experimental. Only modern browsers (with WebSocket support) will work. For an example, see https://g7vjr.org/2019/01/displaying-a-real-time-list-of-qsos-in-club-log/.

This does not work on QRZ.com. It is blocked by a security policy, sorry!