The transition of the old British VR1, VR3 and VR8 into the current T2 and T3# prefixes is a little complicated.

There is an article in the San Diego DX Club Bulletin for July, 2011 which explains the history quite well.
Please see and start reading at the paragraph before the heading "How VR1 and VR3 Became VR8, T2, T3Ø, T31, T32 and T33".

Further information: DXNS #882, dated 1979-10-03, published by Geoff Watts, reports:
"T3 - the former Gilbert Islands Colony is now independent Kiribati, but as it still comprises the Gilbert Is & Ocean I, Christmas, Fanning & Washington I, Phoenix Is, there is no change as far as DXCC is concerned. It is reported : VR1A- is now T3K-,VR1P- & VR3 will be T3P & T3L".

Club Log maps the T3# prefixes to the appropriate entity from 1979-10-01.


Thanks are due to the San Diego DX Club.