Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

There have been a number of operations from Karen State (aka Kayin State),  a state of the Republic of Myanmar. There have been some attempts to give Karen State separate DXCC status. These attempts have, so far, not been fruitful.

There have been several operations from Karen state, using the prefix 1Z, starting in the 1980s. These operations do not count for DXCC:

  • The 1Z prefix has not been issued by the ITU.
  • The licences were issued by the Kaw Thoo Lei Government of Karen State, and not by the Rangoon Government.

Club Log therefore maps QSOs with these stations as "INVALID".

Note: The term INVALID in Club Log only means that the QSO is not valid for DXCC.


NCDXC's "The DXer", August, 1982 DX-ing with Ron Murphy, ZL1AMM  


IZ callsigns (Italy) often get logged as1Z callsigns due to typographical errors.