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The Kingdom of Morocco comprises the old territories of French Morocco, Spanish Morocco, Tangier and Ifni.

The Kingdom of Morocco was established on 1956-03-02, when French Morocco gained independence.

French Morocco

French Morocco was a French Protectorate from 1912 until 1956-03-01 and comprised much of what is now the southern part of the Kingdom of Morocco.

French Morocco was a DXCC entity in its own right, with the prefix CN8.

Upon independence, the DXCC entity of French Morocco was re-named Morocco, and the CN8 prefix was retained.

Thus, there were no additions to, or deletions from, the DXCC list as a result of the end of French administration.

Spanish Morocco, Ceuta & Melilla

Spanish Morocco, aka the Protectorate of Tetouan, was a Spanish protectorate until 1956-04-06, and comprised  the northern part of what is now the Kingdom of Morocco.

Politically, Spanish Morocco did not formally include Ceuta or Melilla.

Spanish Morocco was a DXCC entity in its own right, with the prefix EA9, and comprised the Protectorate of Tetouan, as well as both Ceuta and Melilla.

Spanish Morocco (Protectorate of Tetouan) gained independence on 1956-04-07, but both Ceuta and Melilla remained under Spanish administration.

The old territory of Spanish Morocco became part of the Kingdom of Morocco, and EA9 stations were given CN9 prefixes. Stations in Ceuta and Melilla retained their EA9 callsigns.

The old DXCC entity of Spanish Morocco was not deleted, but was renamed Ceuta & Melilla.

There were no additions to, or deletions from, the DXCC list as a result of the end of Spanish administration of French Morocco.

However, the renaming of Spanish Morocco as Ceuta & Melilla has created an anomaly.

This map shows the extent of Spanish interests in North Africa. Melilla is a 12.3 sq. km area on the north-eastern side, and Ceuta is a 18.5 sq. km are on the north-western side, on the Strait of Gibraltar.

Almost all of the remaining large area is the political entity of Spanish Morocco.

DXCC credits with EA9 stations in the large area of Spanish Morocco, which were given for QSOs prior to independence, now count for Ceuta and Melilla, even though they are geographically in a completely different area.

Following independence, whilst waiting for their CN9 callsigns, some stations continued to be QRV with their EA9 callsigns.

Club Log maps these QSOs to Morocco by means of callsign exceptions.


Tangier was an International Zone administered by Britain, France & Spain until it gained independence in 1956 (exact date unknown).

On 1956-10-29, Tangier became integrated with the Kingdom of Morocco.

Tangier was a DXCC entity in its own right, with the prefixes CN2, EK1, KT1. The EK4 prefix was used on at least one occasion, by EK4AO.

The KT1 prefix appears to have been used by US ops. Perhaps K=USA, T=Tangier?

Tangier became a deleted entity on 1960-07-01, and not on 1956-10-29, as one might have expected. The reason for this is not known.

QST says: "Tangier: Inasmuch as the Tangier area of Morocco is now considered an integral part of Morocco, for DXCC crediting purposes, contacts with those stations in the Tangier area of Morocco made July 1, 1960 or later will be considered as creditable to the Morocco listing, i.e. CN8, CN9. Only confirmations for contacts dated 30, June, 1960 or earlier will be creditable to the Tangier listing."

After integration with Morocco, stations in Tangier used the CN2 prefix. Some stations received a CN2 callsign prior to integration (eg EK1JG was QRV as CN2AY in 1955.)


Ifni was a tiny territory (circa 1500 sq km) on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

Ifni was ceded to Spain by Morocco in 1860, and became a province of Spain on 1958-01-12, but was returned to Morocco on 1969-01-04.

Ifni was a DXCC entity in its own right, with the prefix EA9. Most callsigns were of the form EA9I[A-Z].

Ifni became a deleted entity on 1969-01-04.


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Discussion with Jim AD1C, Wayne N7NG, Joe W1JR, Jim W6YA (re Spanish Morocco & DXCC).

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