Saar (officially The Territory of the Saar Basin) was  a region of Germany occupied and governed by the United Kingdom and France, from 1920 to 1935, under a League of Nations mandate.

Saar was returned to Germany in 1935.

Following the defeat of Germany in World War II, Saar was partioned from Germany on 1947-11-08, and became a French Protectorate. 

The protectorate of Saar was a DXCC entity in its own right  (now deleted), named Saarland, with the prefix 9S4.

The French returned control of Saar to Germany on 1957-01-01, and the DXCC entity of Saarland was deleted on 1957-04-01. 

From 1957-04-01, contacts with Saar counted as Germany (now deleted). The 9S4 prefix continued to be used from the German state of Saarland until late 1957. Club Log maps 9S4 to Germany (deleted) until 1957-11-30.

The April, 1957 issue of QST reports:

"In view of the present status of Saarland and Trieste, effective as of April 1, 1957 these two countries will no longer be counted as separate for DXCC purposes. All confirmations dated April 1, 1957 and after, from Saarland and Trieste, will be considered as Germany and Italy respectively. Confirmations dated prior to April 1, 1957 will still count as separate credits."



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