Club Log maps conventional calls such as LH3ZZZ to Norway according to the IARU-assigned prefix block. This mapping is included in cty.xml

DXpeditioners to Lord Howe Island using the prefix LH/ or suffix /LH, prior to the issuance of VK9Lx calls, are mapped to the island by exception for the specific date ranges of their trips.  This mapping is also included in cty.xml

Other calls with the LH prefix or suffix are assumed to have operated from lighthouses in the DXCC countries indicated by their callsigns. In this case, the LH prefix or suffix is ignored by a software rule within Club Log. This mapping is not and cannot be part of cty.xml

As far as we know, nobody signs LH/ or /LH from Norway but if that ever happens, it can be handled by callsign exceptions as they arise.  Usually, such operations would use LA/ or /LA or perhaps LB/ or /LB and be mapped to Norway in the normal way.