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CE7Z 1948-1956

From 1948 to circa 1956, Chile had seven callsign areas. District 7 included Antarctica, for which the prefix was CE7Z. All CE7Z callsigns in this period had a two-letter suffix. Club Log maps CE7Z callsigns to Antarctica from 1948-02-18 until 1956-12-31. More information is required to establish the true end date of the use of the CE7Z prefix from Antarctica.

The Chilean Antarctic base General Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme lies about 30 km south of the northern-western tip of the Antarctic peninsular. This base was opened in February, 1948. The early CE7Z callsigns were QRV from this base. Stations active included CE7ZACE7ZB, CE7ZC,  CE7ZD, CE7ZE, CE7ZF, CE7ZGCE7ZNCE7ZOCE7ZQ.

The Chilean Antarctic base González Videla is also close to  the northern-western tip of the Antarctic peninsular. This base was active during the period 1951-58. Some activity took place from this base by CE7Z stations, in the period 1951-56. CE7ZDCE7ZJ & CE7ZM were active from this base.

The Chilean Antarctic base Pedro Aguirre Cerda is located on Deception Island, South Shetland Islands. This base opened in February, 1955. CE7ZN was active from this base. Club Log maps CE7ZN by a callsign exception.

CE9 1956 and later

The 1957 Summer edition of the International Callbook shows that call areas 8, 9 and 0 had been added:

CE8 - Punta Arenas, 32 stations

CE9 - Antartida Chilena, 9 stations, and South Shetland Islands, 13 stations.

CE0 - Easter Island, 3 stations

Today.Antartida Chilena, CE9,  is an administrative district of mainland Chile, which also administers Chilean bases on South Shetland Islands and in Antarctica. See the call area map of Chile below. The CE9 prefix thus covers three separate DXCC entities. Club Log maps the CE9 prefix to Antarctica from 1956-01-01. CE9 stations from Chile and South Shetland Islands are mapped by callsign exceptions.

CQ Magazine of October, 1956 lists the following early CE9 callsigns:

The June, 1972 issue  of CQ Magazine states that all CE9AN-AZ callsigns are in South Shetland Islands

The January, 1990 issue of CQ Magazine states that all CE9AN-BZ callsigns are in South Shetland Islands.


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