The following is reproduced from RSGB News Sheet dated 1993-11-24. Note: this is not necessarily the view of ARRL:

"Bob Cox, K3EST, Contest Director of CQ Magazine has issued the following statement relating to

scoring contacts with "X5" stations:

1. Bosnia-Herz. is a recognized country by the UN.

2. Bosnia-Herz. is a recognized country by the DARC (WAE) + ARRL.

3. X5 stations are Serbian stations operating in occupied T9. They are not in the country YU.

4. X5's are not legally licensed by the T9 government. .~

5. X5 stations are stations operating illegally in the country of Bosnia-Herz. '.

6. Since X5 stations are NOT licensed by the T9 government, they are NOT amateur radio,'stations

and count for NO country or points. They are to be considered military or CB stations. -:

7. Therefore 0 credit."

Club Log maps all QSOs with X5 stations as INVALID. 

Note: The term INVALID in Club Log only means that the QSO is not valid for DXCC.

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