The information below is taken from DX News Sheet #006, dated 1962-04-24-amended 1962-05-04, published by Geoff Watts, This information does not affect DXCC mapping, and is reproduced here solely for the purpose of historical record.

"On Mar.3 that part of F.I.D.S. lying S of lat. 60°s & between long. 20°W & 80°W became a separate Colony with the name British Antarctic Territory. It includes the British sector of Antarctica, including the Grahamland peninsula, S. Shetlands & S. Orkneys. The rest of the F.I.D.S. including S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Is which lie outside tthe Treaty area will continue as dependencies of the Falklands. The breaking up of the territory conforms with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty of June, 1961 under which all Antarctica is reserved for peaceful purposes and scientific research, with territorial claims frozen for 30 yrs."

Note: F.I.D.S. is an abbreviation of Falkland Islands Dependencies.