During, and some time after, current and recent operations, the DXCC status of the operation is usually unknown.

Club Log adopts the following policy for mapping these stations:

Generally, Club Log assumes the operation will ultimately be approved for DXCC credit and maps the callsign according to Club Log's normal mapping rules. However, Club Log will sometimes map recent or current operations to INVALID if it is brought to our attention that there is a possibility/probability that the operation may not be accepted for DXCC credit. Such cases include:

  • Failure of the DX station to provide documentation to ARRL's DXCC Desk after it has been requested.
  • Information has come to light that the station was operating under conditions not acceptable for DXCC credit, eg from a sea-going vessel, aircraft in flight, from a different entity to that claimed by the operator, or is not properly licenced.

When this occurs there will be a note in Call Tester stating the reason.

If/when the ARRL DXCC Desk eventually announces acceptability of an operation, this will be noted in the Call Tester entry for a station, and the INVALID exception for the operation will be removed.