Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland were separate DXCC entities from the start of the modern post-war DXCC, until they became deleted entities on 1960-07-01, upon the formation of the independent Somali Republic.

British Somaliland

The main prefix for British Somaliland was VQ6, although a small number of millitary personnel used the MD4 prefix, eg MD4BPC & MD4MHB.

VQ6 stations known to have been active include VQ6GHVQ6GM,  VQ6HOSVQ6LQ,  VQ6MIVQ6MYVQ6NG, and VQ6ST. This is not a complete list.

In Club Log VQ6 callsigns are mapped by prefix, MD4 callsigns are mapped by callsign exception.

Italian Somaliland

Italian Somaliland was occupied and administered by  Britain during WWII and afterwards, until 1949.

During this period, the MD4 prefix was used for military personnel and MS4 was used for civilians. 

At some time in this period, the term "Somalia" was used for this territory - this may have been unofficial.

MD4 stations known to have been QRV are MD4GCMD4JG and MD4TH. This may not be a complete list.

MS4 stations known to have been QRV are MS4A & MS4FMThis may not be a complete list.

From November, 1949 to June, 1960, Italian Somaliland was a UN  trust territory, known as the Trust Territory of Somalia. This territory was administered by Italy. Although The trusteeship began in November, 1949 formal hand-over to the Italian administration apparently did not take place until 1950-04-01, see the photo of the handover ceremony in the GACW reference below. Initially the MS4 prefix continued to be used eg MS4FM (presumably the British military had left by then, so there wouldn't be any MD4 calls in this period), but soon afterwards (probably circa February/March, 1950), as the territory was administered by Italy, the I5 prefix was used, eg I5A, ex MS4A. However MS4FM was still QRV in July, 1950, so it is possible that only Italian holders of MS4 calls changed to I5 calls, and British MS4 stations may have retained their calls until they left the territory. Confirmation of this is required.. The DXCC entity name remained unchanged as Italian Somaliland.

Many I5 stations were QRV.

In Club Log all I5, MD4 and MS4 callsigns are mapped by prefix.



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