Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

In the immediate post-WWII periof, the MD prefix was used by British and American military personnel from North and North-East Africa and the Middle East in this period. In some locations a separate civilian prefix was used. Allocations were as follows:

Military PrefixCivilian PrefixQTH
MD1 *MC1 *Cyrenacia, Libya
MD2 *MT2 *Tripolitania, Libya. Also used by American personnel.

MD3 *

MI3 *, MI6Eritrea. MI6 was used by ex I6 calls

MD4 *

MS4*Somalia (Italian Somaliland)

MD5 *, ME5

Suez Canal Zone, Egypt. It seems ME5 was a military prefix, not civilian.

MD6 *

-Iraq. MI6 was used by ex I6 calls in Eritrea

MD7 *

-Cyprus. MC7 not necessary as ZC4 was the Cyprus prefix


-Not known, information required. May not have been used.


-Yemen Arab Republic

The second letter of the civilian prefix is the first letter of the territory, with the exception of MI3, MI6.

* indicates that the data is from the NCDXC reference below.

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