Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

Following American occupation of Okinawa and and the surrounding Ryukyu Islands from 1945-1952, which, in turn, was followed by US military control of the islands, Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands were returned to Japanese administration on 1972-06-17. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this event, stations QRV from the islands could append a three-letter island reference followed by the digits 50, throughout 2011. The appendices are tabulated below.

Island  Appendix IOTA
Okinawa /OKA50 AS-017
Ie /IEJ50 AS-017
Aguni /AGJ50 AS-017
Kerama /KJP50 AS-017
Kume /UEO50 AS-017
Miyako /MMY50 AS-079
Shimoji /SHI50 AS-079
Tarama /TRA50 AS-079
Ishigaki /ISG50 AS-024
Yonaguni /OGN50 AS-024
Hateruma /HTR50  AS-024 
Kitadaitou /KTD50 AS-047
Minamidaitou /MMD50 AS-047

These five-character appendices are treated as prefixes by Club Log, for the period of the event..
Activity actually started on 2010-12-31.


DX News Letter (DXNL) #1709 2011-01-05

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