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Before independence, the main prefix for Mozambique was CR7, with CQ7 and XX7 also used.

XX7 was not used before late October, 1971, when numerous stations used XX7 on 30th/31st, in place of the usual CR7, retaining their usual suffix. XX7 was also used in contests, eg XX7IK was QRV in CQ WW WPX SSB contest in 1973.

Mozambique gained independence from Portugal on 1975-06-25

The prefix for independent Mozambique is C9 with C8 also assigned to Mozambique

Old CR7xx calls became C9Mxx, i.e. the old two-letter suffix was retained, but with the addition of the letter 'M' as the first letter of the suffix.

The transfer from CR7 callsigns to C9M callsigns was relatively quick, and appears to have been completed by early July, 1975.

Prefix mapping in Club Log

Prefix Start date End date Note
CR7, CQ7
XX7 1971-10-01 1975-07-31  
C9, C8 1975-06-24
In June Mozambique is 2 hours ahead of GMT. Independence began at 22:00z on 1975-06-24.

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