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Les îles Eparses, or "Scattered Islands", comprise the islands of  Bassas da India, Europa, Juan de Nova and Glorieuses in the Mozambique Channel and Tromelin, located north of Reunion. The following map (credit to Aurélie Boissière / TAAF) shows the location of the islands:


From 1960 until 2007 Les îles Eparses were administered by the prefecture of Réunion, under the authority of the Minister responsible for overseas territories. Since 2007-02-21, Les îles Eparses have been administered by TAAF, and became the 5th district of TAAF, the other four districts being Terre Adélie (Antarctica), Kerguelen, Crozet and Saint-Paul & Amsterdam.


Before 2007-02-21:

FR/E Europa

FR/G Glorioso

FR/J Juan de Nova

FR/T Tromelin

These are currently mapped by a software rule. It is planned to replace the software rule by a set of callsign exceptions. 
That will have the benefit of making the mappings part of cty.xml (which mappings by software rule are not), and will enable the three entities to be whitelisted.

From 2007-02-21:

FT#E Europa

FT#G Glorioso

FT#J Juan de Nova

FT#T Tromelin

There are potentially 40 prefixes, ten per island.
Club Log maps only those prefixes that have been used.
These are:
FT4T (FT4TA 2014)
FT5G (FT5GA 2009)
Unused prefixes are mapped to INVALID.
Additional prefixes will be added as and when they are first used.

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