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The prefix UJ was used for Tajikistan prior to the break-up of the USSR.

As was usual with USSR callsigns, the first letter of the suffix denoted the oblast.

Prefix Oblast # Oblast name
UJ#J 040 Districts of Republican Subordination
UJ#K  182 Kulab (before 1988-09-08 and after 1990-01-24)
UJ#K 192  Khatlon (from 1988-09-08 to 1990-01-23)
UJ#R 042 Gornyj Badakhshan GBAO
UJ#S 041


UJ#X 183 Kurgan-Tube (part of oblast #192 from 1988-09-08 to 1990-01-23)

Following independence, from 1994-01-01 the prefix for Tajikistan became EY and administrative regions were denoted by the call area, not the first letter of the suffix.

Prefix Old prefix Administrative region
EY0-3 N/A Reserved for 'l'ajik Amateur Radio League
EY4 UJ#R Gornyj Badakhshan GBAO
EY5 UJ#K Khatlon, Regions of Kulab City
EY6 UJ#X Khatlon, Region of Kurgan-Tube City


EY8 UJ#J Dushanbe City

Districts of Republican Subordination


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Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh UJ8JMM/EY8MM

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