A new system was introduced on 2012-12-11 [1]  (modified 2015-09-05 [2]) for the way in which Russian stations, operating away from their home QTH, should identify themselves.

  • Stations operating away from their home QTH, but within their home federal district, use their home calls, with no additions.
  • Stations operating in a different federal district append /# to the end of their home call where "#" is a single digit which is the ID of the federal district as listed in the following table. Note that the # digit may be different to the digit normally used in callsigns of residents of that federal subject. From 2016-12-25, appending the federal district identifier became optional.

Federal district/#CQ zone(s)Club Log default 
Northwestern Federal District/116, 1716 
Northwestern Federal District (Kaliningrad Oblast)/21515 

Central Federal District

/316 16
Volga Federal District 
/416, 17 16 

Crimean Federal District  [3],[4]

/516 16
Southern Federal District 
/616 16
North Caucasian Federal District /716 16
Ural Federal District /817 17 
Siberian Federal District/917, 18, 23 18
Far Eastern Federal District /0 19 19

The above table also shows which CQ zone stations appending /# will be mapped to by Club Log.

Stations in other zones, eg in zone 23 in the Siberian FD, are mapped by zone exceptions.

The following table lists the constituent federal subjects of each federal district. The table is ordered by prefix digit and first suffix letter.

Federal districtFederal subject
AbbrPrefix digit & 1st letter of suffix/#CQ 
Northwestern Federal DistrictSaint PetersburgSP 1[ABFLM] (interpret as 1A, 1B, 1F, 1L, 1M)/116

Northwestern Federal District

Leningrad OblastLO 1[CDE]/116
Northwestern Federal District
Republic of KareliaKL1[KN]/116
Northwestern Federal District
Archangelsk OblastAR 1O/116 
Northwestern Federal District
Nenets Autonomous OkrugNO 1P/116 
Northwestern Federal District
Vologda OblastVO 1[QRS]/116 
Northwestern Federal District
Novgorod OblastNV 1T/116
Northwestern Federal District
Pskov OblastPS1[WX]/116 
Northwestern Federal District
Murmansk OblastMU1[YZ]/116

Central Federal District

MoscowMA[235][ABC] (interpret as 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C, 5A, 5B, 5C)/316
Central Federal District
Moscow OblastMO [235][DH], [35]F/3 16
Central Federal District
Oryol OblastOR [235]E /316
Northwestern Federal District  Kaliningrad Oblast KA2[FK] /215 
Central Federal DistrictLipetsk OblastLP[235]G /316 
Central Federal District
Tver Oblast TV [235]I /3 16 
Central Federal District Smolensk Oblast SM [235]L /3 16 
Central Federal District
Yaroslavl Oblast YR [235]M /3 16 
Central Federal District
Kostroma Oblast
KS [235]N/3 16
Central Federal District
Voronezh OblastVR [235][OQ], [35]K/3 16
Central Federal District Tula Oblast TL[235]P /3 16 
Central Federal District 
Tambov Oblast TB [235]R/316 

Central Federal District 

Ryazan Oblast RA [235]S /3 16 
Volga Federal District 
Nizhny Novgorod Oblast NN [235]T/4 16 
Central Federal District  Ivanovo Oblast   IV [235]U
Central Federal District 
Vladimir Oblast VL [235]V /316 
Central Federal District 
Kursk Oblast KU [235]W /3 16 
Central Federal District  Kaluga Oblast KG [235]X /316 
Central Federal District  Bryansk Oblast BR [235]Y /3 16
Central Federal District  Belgorod Oblast BO [235]Z /316
Southern Federal District  Volgograd Oblast 
VG 4[AB] /616 
Volga Federal District Saratov Oblast SA 4[CD] /416 
Volga Federal District
Penza OblastPE 4[FG]/416 
Volga Federal District Samara Oblast SR 4[HIK] /416 
Volga Federal District
Ulyanovsk Oblast UL4[LM]/416 
Volga Federal District
Kirov Oblast KI 4[NO]/416 
Volga Federal District Republic of Tatarstan TA4[PQR] /4 16 
Volga Federal District Mari El Republic MR 4S /4 16 
Volga Federal District Republic of MordoviaMD4U /4 16 
Volga Federal District Udmurt Republic UD4W /4 16 
Volga Federal District
Chuvash Republic CU4[YZ]/416 
Southern Federal District  
Krasnodar KraiKR [67][ABCD] 
/6 16 
North Caucasian Federal District  Karachay-Cherkess Republic  KC [67][E]/7 16 
North Caucasian Federal District  Stavropol Krai ST[67][FGHT] /7 16 
Southern Federal District  Republic of Kalmykia KM [67]I /6 16 
North Caucasian Federal District  
Republic of North Ossetia-Alania SO[67]J/7 16 

Crimean Federal District [3] before 2016-11-17

Southern Federal District from 2016-11-17[4]

Republic of CrimeaRK [67]K /5


Southern Federal District  
Rostov Oblast 
RO [67][LMN]
North Caucasian Federal District  Republic of Chechnya
CN [67]P /7 16 
North Caucasian Federal District  Republic of IngushetiaIN [67]Q /7 16 
Crimean Federal District[3] before 2016-11-17
Southern Federal District[4] from 2016-11-17
SE[67]R  /5


Southern Federal District  Astrakhan Oblast AO [67][UV]/6 16 
North Caucasian Federal District 
Republic of Dagestan DA [67]W /7 16 
North Caucasian Federal District  Kabardino-Balkar Republic KB [67]X /7 16

Southern Federal District 

Republic of Adygea AD [67]Y/616

Ural Federal District

Chelyabinsk OblastCB[89][AB]/817 
Ural Federal District Sverdlovsk OblastSV [89][CD]/817 
Volga Federal District 
Perm KraiPM [89][FG]/417 
Siberian Federal DistrictTomsk OblastTO[89][HI]/918 

Ural Federal District

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (Yugra)HM[89]J/817 
Ural Federal District Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugYN [89]K/817 
Ural Federal District
Tyumen OblastTN [89]L/817 
Siberian Federal District Omsk OblastOM[89][MN]/917 
Siberian Federal District
Novosibirsk OblastNS [89][OP]/918 

Ural Federal District

Kurgan OblastKN [89][QR]/817 
Volga Federal District 
Orenburg OblastOB[89][ST]/416 
Siberian Federal District Kemerovo OblastKE[89][UV]/918 
Volga Federal District 
Republic of BashkortostanBA [89]W/416 
Northwestern Federal District Komi Republic KO 1I, [89]X/117
Siberian Federal District Altai KraiAL[89]Y/918 
Siberian Federal District Altai RepublicGA [89]Z/918 
Siberian Federal District 
Krasnoyarsk Krai KK0[ABH] /9 18 
Far Eastern Federal District 
Khabarovsk KraiHK 0C/019 
Far Eastern Federal District 
Jewish Autonomous Oblast EA 0D /0 19 
Far Eastern Federal District 
Sakhalin OblastSL0F/019
Far Eastern Federal District 
Magadan OblastMG 0I/0 19
Far Eastern Federal District Amur Oblast AM 0J/0 19 
Far Eastern Federal District
Chukotka Autonomous OkrugCK 0K /0 19 
Far Eastern Federal District 
Primorsky KraiPK 0[LMN]/0 19 
Siberian Federal District
Republic of Buryatia
Far Eastern Federal District 

Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Siberian Federal District Irkutsk Oblast IR 0[RST] /9 18
Siberian Federal District Zabaykalsky KraiZK 0[UV]/9 18 
Siberian Federal District Republic of KhakassiaHA 0W /9 18 

Far Eastern Federal District 

Kamchatka Krai KT 0[XZ]/0 19
Siberian Federal District  Tuva Republic
TU0Y /923 


[1] Rule 2012-12-11

[2] Rule change 2015-09-05

[3] Crimea & DXCC - April, 2014

[4 The Crimea Federal District became part of the Southern Federal District on 2016-11-17 (tnx RX1AL).


Constantin M. Semyonov, UA1AKE

Rolf Rahne, DL6ZFG Russian call sign system 2010

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