Once you have set up OQRS to receive QSL requests for your call, you will need to set the parameters of the label you will use for the QSL card

ClubLog has a self-contained label feature that is set with several default settings. 

 You may wish to select from the various menus to make the label to your liking.

After signing into your ClubLog account, go to OQRS tab, then click on the OQRS Management Tool button. You will see the print queue screen. However, you need to select the label and/or envelope you will print the requested QSLs and addressees for direct cards and also bureau cards. Click on the red Label Settings link near the top. This will take you to the label set up screen, Manage QSL/Labels.

First you can select the label or labels and envelope sizes from the available list under the right side box All Available Labels, by highlighting them and clicking the “+” arrow to bring them into the left side box, My Favourite Labels. You may select as many as you will need. Double clicking on a label in "My favorite Labels" box sets it as default and prefixes it with a *.

Label Text Definition section has pre-set default code and text for both Regular QSL cards and SWL cards. Below them are the allowable Valid Variables and Valid Tags that you may use in those areas. You may delete words or add words to the report form (if you only want the mode to print, delete 2x, for example). The codes are provided and are entered in the appropriate lines just like HTML. It will then apply to all labels printed. To save a change to a text line just click anywhere outside the text field.

[[EXTRAFIELDBYCALL]] Field is for the Last Line in both sequences and is a tag or memo line where you can enter IOTA Nr, Tnx QSO or other personal message. You need to enter [[EXTRAFIELDBYCALL]] in the Last Line field and then enter your message in the callsign off the menu bar under this option, for it to appear on the label. The menu bar contains all the calls you have OQRS enabled. Each call can have its own message.

Other Settings offers a choice of Date formats for your QSO printing, and the order of multiple QSOs—either band or date.

Address Label Settings offers Font Size, translated Country Name in your home language and Address Text Justification (left, centred, or right). The default is centred address printing.

All changes on this screen will be saved by  clicking anywhere outside the text box you are changing

You can then print a test page of the label format.

To begin printing QSL labels from the requestors, return to the Print Queue screen, select your label type from the menu drop down and then make your selections from the various menu buttons.

[Many thanks to Bob WB2YQH for writing most of this help note]