So you can't find a label from the shared list that has the same dimensions as your label. You can always create one yourself and the process is very simple. For example if  you want to print straight onto your QSL card, follow the steps below.

You can treat the printable part of the card as a single label on a paper with the same dimensions as the QSL card, the label's top left corner can be defined with the "top margin" and  the "left margin". For example the card below has the following dimensions:

15.4cm width x 10.16 cm height

Within the card there is a printable area of 8.52cm x 2.35cm =LABEL

The top left corner of the label is located at 7.3cm from the top and 3.36cm from the left of the QSL card.

From the label settings, click

Fill in the text boxes with the following numbers. Remember you have to multiply x10 to convert centimeters to millimeters

Click submit and print a test page! If it all prints OK, the save it in the database.

NB Before you can successfully print this card, you will also need to define a paper with dimension 10.16cm x 15.4cm within your printer driver.

For the mac, you can issue cmd+P  to get the printer menu, and then select as paper size a custom paper and define it accordingly

For a PC, the process is similar but depends on your printer driver. It would look something like:

Look for the CUSTOM paper size