San Felix  was added to the DXCC countries list In June 1966. QSOs count for San Felix from 1945-11-15, however, the first operation was in April 1965.

The following announcement was made by ARRL in the June 1966 issue of QST:

"Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of San Felix Island. Located some 550 miles off the central west coast of Chile, San Felix is territory belonging to Chile. Acceptance of this island is in accordance with point 2(a) of the criteria; see July, 1963 QST DXCC Note"


The DXCC entity of San Felix Islands comprises the islands of San Ambrosio and San Felix.

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The IOTA reference for San Felix is SA-013.

San Felix  is a whitelisted DXCC entity. The following table lists stations known to have been QRV from San Felix, and which are thought to be good for DXCC credit.

The callsigns below are the only ones that Club Log will map to San Felix, and only for QSO dates within the exception date range. These callsigns have been taken from QSL cards and other sources.

Callsigns not listed below, or QSOs outside the exception date range, will be not be mapped to San Felix, but will be mapped as INVALID.

The date range below is based on verifiable data. It is quite possible that some of the operations started earlier and/or finished later than the dates stated.

Please advise any missing  callsigns, to Alan, 5B4AHJ, email address on QRZ.COM, or via the Help Desk. 

CallDate/Note (follow callsign links to see exact dates, QSLs and additional notes)
1965 - April
1971 - March 
K9KNW/CE0W9IGW/CE01972 - April
1973 - October 
1984 - September to October

1990 - December to 1991 - July


1991 - October to 1992 - April
XQ0X 1992 - October to 1993 - July
2000 - April 


2002 - March
 Ones that didn't count
1981 - October. Unauthorised operation


DX News sheet published by Geoff Watts and RSGB.

QST June 1966