I understand the wish to generate Most Wanted lists for a specific club, as there are often funding decisions that are made on the basis of 'need' and this would be a helpful reference. However, Club Log does not offer this granularity of report. There are three main reasons why Club Log only offers filtering by continent, band and mode, but not by club:

  1. Calculating the Most Wanted Lists is compute intensive. Each additional variation takes extra time to compute. Adding Clubs to the mix would extend the time taken to calculate the lists considerably and use more database capacity storing the results. This is not a huge issue but in the context of point 3) below, it's probably unnecessary.

  2. Clubs are too small a unit to create Most Wanted Lists. What I've found when experimenting with this, is that only a very large club would have enough logs to generate a ranking for all 340 entities and for all bands and modes. Otherwise, the rankings are too fragile and can be affected by just a few logs, which is misleading.

  3. Club leagues come out looking the same. When Club league tables are created as an experiment using the big clubs as a test, they are very similar to the Club Log main lists. Particularly since the addition of regional variations for East/West USA, Europe etc. in 2015, Club Log's main lists appear to be specific enough already.

Rather than complicate the production of the Most Wanted lists, I have therefore decided against including clubs as a variation. I hope this answer explains why!


Michael G7VJR

January 2016