What is the Encryption Key for?

Your Encryption Key protects your LoTW certificates.

Club Log follows the ARRL standards for managing your certificates securely. As part of these standards, Club Log is required to store your certificates in an encrypted format. Each time you want Club Log to do something which involves your certificates, you have to unlock them using your Encryption Key, which is unique to you. No-one at Club Log can know your Encryption Key, so we cannot send you a reminder if you lose it.

I've lost it. How do I reset my Encryption Key?

If you can't remember your Encryption Key and have not made a note of it, you can reset it. To do this, just remove all of your certificates from Club Log and upload them again (you can do this on the "Certificates" tab in Club Log). When you upload the fresh certificates, you will be issued a new Encryption Key.

Things you might confuse with your Encryption Key....

It's very easy to get confused here! To help you avoid that, Your Encryption Key is not the same thing as:

  1. Your LoTW login password
  2. TQSL certificates passwords you might have set
  3. Your Club Log password

These are all different and unrelated, and will not be accepted as your Encryption Key.