The most notable one to mention is SSTV, which counts as phone for ARRL DXCC awards. This is not a typo!

Secondly, this message from Mike, K1MK explains other rulings that apply:

All modes which involve transmission of human speech in any form whether directly via analog modulation or via digital encoding are counted towards the DXCC Phone award, so DIGITALVOICE, DSTAR and the forthcoming CF4M as well as the more conventional AM, FM & SSB count for the DXCC Phone award.   

My recollection from back at the time of its addition, was that the VOI mode entry in ADIF enumeration was intended to indicate F6CTE's "VOICE" mode <> which is a MFSK data mode and therefore is counted toward the Digital (nee RTTY) DXCC award. 



Mike K1MK