As a DXer, if you're already happy uploading separately, that's ok - but ask yourself why you have to do this. It actually involves quite a lot of steps in most logging software, such as downloading, merging and re-exporting ADIF files once you've grabbed your lotwreport.adi file (and that's just getting new matches out of LoTW). Many logging programmes are already doing real-time uploads to Club Log. It's now possible for Club Log sort out your LoTW upload for you, and bring in new matches, so think of it as an abbreviation of a much longer procedure you might be doing repeatedly by habit. You don't have to download that file and import it into your log book, make another export to Club Log and so on. 

Larry, WO7R, wrote to me just now: "Great stuff overall, Michael and no doubt, the answer to many prayers.  I know several members of my DX club that do not have a single logging agent (e.g. LOG4OM for their DXing, N1MM+ for their contesting).  For many, this is the answer to a prayer!  It will be deservedly popular." We do get a lot of helpdesk emails that suggest this is quite common. 

Regarding the Trusted Partner program, the reason it's needed is that we're leaving the confines of your desktop PC. In the web environment we cannot call the tqsl application on your PC to do anything for us. That's blocked Club Log up to now. From today, though, we can manage certificates, and that means we can offer more complex features. This matters a lot to expedition teams, for example. If an expedition wants to, they can have Club Log "upload all new OQRS direct requests to LoTW". It will happen quickly and easily without them handling the file or working out how to create such a filter. I can think of many kinds of LoTW upload logic that have been sent to me as ideas or feature requests from this community. So if you like, this announcement is that Club Log's offering 1) an easier way to interact with LoTW, free from the constraints of the tqsl desktop application, and 2) possibilities of more interesting logic for LoTW uploads than the tqsl application can offer, in particular for HF DXers and expedition teams. 

Also, look to the future. In time this might evolve into signed work requests that can happen automatically at future times or recursively. Perhaps we'll develop message queues to exchange new matches at a low level. That could mean your log is being tended to automatically and your logging software can subscribe to changes arising, rather than speculatively downloading ADIF files etc. We'll see how it goes! It's the beginning.