Club Log supports as many callsigns as you need under a single login. You account is your email address, and then your callsigns are attached to your account.

How to add a new callsign

When you have a new callsign, simply go to Settings > Callsigns. You can add your new call there.

If you change your callsign

Just add the new callsign (as above) and then start uploading any new QSOs to that log. Avoid manually forcing old QSOs into a new callsign's log. The QSOs in each log should be the QSOs only for that callsign.

Linking logs for DXCC credit

If your new call is an upgrade or a new call you hold, and you want to add it to your DXCC credits for another call you can do this very easily in Club Log. To link them for credit, go to Settings > Linking. The callsigns must be in the same DXCC for this to be offered.

What not to do!

  • Don't upload logs from one callsign to the other callsign's log (that breaks various features like log matching and OQRS).
  • Don't register multiple accounts for your individual callsigns (unless you have a good reason, like sharing access with your expedition or contest group, club etc).
  • Don't load QSOs from one callsign into another for DXCC credit. Use linking instead.