The DXCC entity of Cocos Island is listed in the ARRL countries list published in February 1947.

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The IOTA reference for Cocos Island  is NA-012.


Cocos Island is a whitelisted DXCC entity. The following table lists stations known to have been QRV from Cocos Islands and which are thought to be good for DXCC credit.
The callsigns below are the only ones that Club Log will map to Cocos Island. These callsigns have been taken from QSL cards and other sources.
Callsigns that are not listed below, or QSOs outside the exception date range, will be not be mapped to Cocos Islands but will be mapped as INVALID.
Please advise any missing valid Cocos Island  callsigns to Alan, 5B4AHJor via the Help Desk.

Date/Note (follow callsign links to see exact dates, QSLs and additional notes)
TI9BR1949 - April, May
TI9UXX1953 - November QSL image required
TI9AA1954 - February
TI9MHB1955 - February
1957 - April
TI9CW, TI9SB1959 - April
TI9AM, TI9SB1960 - April
1962 - January
TI9RC1963 - May
TI9FG1964 - February
TI9JIC1967 - January 
TI9AL, TI9LH1967 - January TI9LH QSL image required
TI8NAM/TI91969 - July
TI8PE/91969 - December
TI9CF1970 - February
TI9CF, TI9J1971 - February
TI9C1972 - February
TI9NA1974 - March QSL image required
TI9DX1975 - April
TI9CF, TI9WC, TI9WD1975 - Apri;l TI9WC TI9WD QSL images required
TI9FAG1975 - April/May
TI9BY1976 - April QSL image required
TI9WD1976 - April QSL image required
TI9AEL1977 - April
TI9CF1978 - February 
TI9CI, TI9DX, TI9KT1978 - March TI9DX TI9KT QSL image required
WA6EWI/TI91979 - May 
TI9RT, TI9TE, TI9MY1980 - March TI9MY QSL image required
TI9PN1980 - April until December QSL images required
TI9CC, TI9JVA, TI9XXX1980 - April
TI9FAG1980 - May QSL image required (May 1980)
TI9XXX1980 - May
TI9CF1980 - April, May, October 
TI9DX1980 - October 
TI9FAG, TI9VVR1981 - January, June/July, October 1981 QSL images required
TI9FAG, TI9VVR1982 - July QSL images required
W6JKV/TI91983 - June
TI9JVA, TI9CF, TI9WI1984 - February
TI9J1984 - February
TI9CCC1984 - February
TI9CRM1984 - February
KA1KXF/TI9, KA1KVS/TI9, N1CWH/TI91984 - January until 1985 - January
TI9CF1984 - April
TI9J1985 - February
TI9TTY1985 - February
TI9W1986 - December until 1987 - January
TI9CF, TI9US1987 - June
TI9M1987 - December
TI9FAG1989 - May, June QSL image required, May/June 1989
1989 - May QSL images required
TI9CF, TI9DΧ, TI9US, TI9ZM1990 - July
TI9US1990 - July
TI9JJP1991 - May
TI9YO, TI9SPY1991 - August TI9SPY QSL image required.
TI9JJP1992 - November 
TI9JJP1994 - March, October 
TI9CF1994 - March
TI9JJP1995 - August,  October 
TI9JJP1996 - July, December
TI9X, TI9RLI1996 - April/May
TI9JJP1997 - July
TI9CF1997 - January, September - September QSL image required.
TI9M, N7DF/TI9, N6KT/TI9, TI9/PA3EWP2002 - February/March
TI9JJP2002 - December
TI9MOT2003 - Fe
TI9JJP2003 - March/April
TI9KK2008 - February
TI9/3Z9DX2015 - February
2015 - July
2015 - July, November
TI9A2020 - February

Operations that didn't count

CallDate/Note (follow callsign links to see exact dates, QSLs and additional notes)
TI9AA1955 - CQ 1955/07, 1956/11
TI9AC1958 - Pirate, op PH0NY!
TI9VVR1982 - July
AA2LS/TI91995 - February/March - reported as a pirate
TI9US1995 - April, May. Reported as a pirate in DXNS #1663
TI9DX2000 - December. Reported as a pirate by 425 DX News #504
TI9CW2001 - January - probably pirate
TI9DHR2001 - May - reported as a pirate.
TI9/N4CD/M2002 - February - Maritime Mobile.

Acknowledgements and references 

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Carlos Paez TI2CC - ex TI2CAP.

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