Willis Island was established as a meteorological station in the early 1920s, primarily to give early warning of cyclones approaching the Queensland coast. 
Radiocommunications were essential to quickly relay the information back to the mainland.

QSOs  count for the DXCC entity of Willis Islands from 1945-11-15. QST January 1960 carries the following announcement in respect of Willis:

"An announcement is also made of the addition to the A. R. R. L. Countries List of Willis Islands, VK4. The Willis Islands are located in the Coral Sea outside the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, and approximately 240 miles east of Port Douglas <snip>.

DXCC credit will be given starting March 1, 1960 for creditable confirmations dated on or after November 15, 1945. <snip>."

Location map (credit UKSMG, VK4CP):

Prefix:es  VK4 VK9W, VK9Z, AX9W, AX9Z, VI9W, VJ9W, VK9FW, VL9W.

Ranking in "Most Wanted" league.

The IOTA reference for Willis Island is OC-007.

The Willis Island Group consists of Mid, North, and Willis Islands.


Willis Island is a whitelisted DXCC entity. The following table lists stations known to have been QRV from Willis Island and which are thought to be good for DXCC credit.
The callsigns below are the only ones that Club Log will map to Willis Island. These callsigns have been taken from QSL cards and other sources.
Callsigns that are not listed below, or QSOs outside the exception date range, will be not be mapped to Willis Island but will be mapped as INVALID.
Please advise any missing valid Willis Island callsigns to Alan, 5B4AHJor via the Help Desk.

CallIslandDate/Note (follow callsign links to see exact dates, QSLs and additional notes)
1947?  QSL required please
1954 - October to 1955  - July
1955-56. QSL required please
VK4HG,VK4WV Willis1962 - June to 1963 - June QSLs 
VK4JQWillis1963 - June to 1964 - June
VK4TEWillis1964 - November to 1965 - May
VK4HG, VK4WVWillis1967 - June to 1967 - December VK4WV QSL required
VK4EVWillis1968 - June until November
VK9NP/W [VK9NP]Willis1971 - June
VK9ZBWillis1972 - June to October
VK9ZCWillis1973 - July to November
VK9ZMWillis1976 - December to 1977 - June QSL required
1977 - March QSL required
VK9ZMWillis1978 - February until December
VK9ZGWillis1980 - July to December
VK9ZDWillis1980 - December to 1981 - July
VK9ZH, VK9ZJWillis1982 - December to 1983 - June..VK9ZJ QSL required
VK9ZRWillis1982 - May
VK9ZAWillis1982 - July to December
AX9ZAWillis1982 - August QSL required
VK9ZBWillis1982 - June to October
VK9ZSWillis1983 - June to December QSL required
VK9ZAWillis1984 - June to December
VK9ZBWillis1985 - June to November
Willis1987 - December to 1983 - March
VK9ZGWillis1987 - July to November
VK9ZWWillis1989 - January
VK9TRWillis1989 - December to 1990 - July
VK9NL/P, VK9NL/W, VK9WWWillis1992 - October
1996 -  April to June QSL required
VK9WM, VK9WX, VK9WYMid1997 - September VK9WX QSL required

1998 - Julyto December QSL required 
VK9WIWillis2000 - May
VK9WWINorth2007 - September/October
2008 - October
VK9WBMWillis2009 - December until 2010 - Ju
VK9WAMid2015 - November
VK9WXWillis2022 - November until 023 - April.
The ones that didn't count

1991 - pirate activity (DXNS #1489)
Licence issued but not activated.

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