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Individual callsigns - 2Q, GQ, MQ, ZQ

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 2022, UK radio amateurs could apply to use a special temporary callsign during the period 00:00 2022-06-01 to 23:59 2022-06-30. Dates are British Summer Time (GMT+1). Sucessful applicants were issued with a Notice of Variation (NOV).

Unlike the GR callsigns issued for the Royal Wedding in 2011, the Platinum  Jubilee callsigns were available to clubs, as well as to individuals.

Approximately ##### NOVs were issued.

In addition, some stations from Gibraltar (ZB) were authorised to use the ZQ prefix, in the same period. (TBC)

Callsign format

The normal prefix of an individual callsign was replaced as follows:

  • 2D, 2E, 2G, 2I, 2J, 2M, 2U, 2W prefix callsigns all used 2Q prefixes.
  • G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW prefix callsigns all used GQ prefixes.
  • M, MD, MI, MJ, MM, MU, MW prefix callsigns all used MQ prefixes.
  • ZB stations used the ZQ prefix.

The digit and suffix of all SES callsigns were the same as the licensee's normal callsign.

In addition, stations can sign /70 using their regular c or when using the 'Q' regional secondary locator.

Callsign mapping

From the above, it is clear that the DXCC entity of a station cannot be determined from the callsign. Club Log maps all the British callsigns to England, unless a callsign exception exists for the station. All ZQ prefixes are mapped to Gibraltar, so callsign exceptions are not necessary for these stations.


The purpose of this article is to help clarify which special calls are QRV from which DXCC entity.

It is envisaged that this information will be used by those responsible for maintaining logging software country files, and also to enable individual hams to ensure that they log the calls with the correct DXCC entity.

List of SES callsign exceptions (Club Log has callsign exceptions for all these callsigns)

The following  list of exceptions is not yet complete for Platinum Jubilee SES callsigns. Please advise 5B4AHJ of errors & omissions. My email address can be found on QRZ.COM.  Alternatively, please raise a support ticket on the Club Log Help Desk. 

Last update:. 2022-05-19. Exceptions with the "/70" suffix have also been added for these calls.

2Q0HEZ2I0HEZNorthern Ireland
MQ0AIHMI0AIHNorthern Ireland
Isle of Man