Here at the Club Log helpdesk, we receive a lot of questions about OQRS requests users make. Sadly, most of the time, these questions are sent to us in error due to common misunderstandings. Club Log facilitates OQRS but it is not involved in the printing, posting or payments that go with it. 

So, to try and avoid misunderstandings, here are some of the most common questions raised and notes (where necessary) to explain who to contact instead.

When I use OQRS to order a QSL card, what should I expect?

Just as you complete your request in Club Log, you go through a checkout using PayPal to send money to the other party (the DX station). After your funds are transferred to the owner of the callsign via PayPal, they will need to print your QSL card and post it to you. Club Log provides them with tools to do that, including label printing etc. but even so, this might take anything from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on how efficiently they are attending to inbound requests. You might also receive an LoTW confirmation, but this is entirely up to them (it is not done automatically by Club Log).

I only want an LoTW credit and not a card. Can I order that?

No, unfortunately due to the controversy surrounding paying for LoTW uploads, this is not supported by Club Log. Please read any notes or comments on the DX log (including their web site, QRZ profile or in news bulletins) before you place your order. They may have a policy or have explained exactly what to expect, including information relating to LoTW uploads they plan to do.

When I order a card, who prints it?

The owner of the callsign is responsible for printing and posting your card. Club Log does not do any part of the physical manufacturing.

When I order a card, who receives the funds?

When you order a card through Club Log, you will use a PayPal checkout to send funds to the owner of callsign. Club Log does not handle your money. It is sent directly to the owner of PayPal account.

I haven't received my card. Who should I contact?

Please contact the owner of the callsign. They are responsible for printing and posting your card. You can look up their email address from your PayPal receipt, or you can look at Club Log's OQRS > Outbound menu.

Important: please do not contact the Club Log helpdesk as we cannot help!

I made a request, but didn't get a card after many months waiting, and they are not responding to emails. What should I do?

There are still situations where sadly, someone is not running their OQRS account properly. This can be due to confusion at club stations or silent keys, but is generally just due to lost letters and the like. 

You can request a refund from PayPal if you feel this is justified. 

Important: please remember that Club Log does not handle your money, and does not print or post the cards - so please do not contact the Club Log helpdesk as we cannot help.