Linking callsigns combines them for DXCC credit in the league tables. You can only link calls to your primary callsign, and those calls must be in the same DXCC as your primary callsign.

First we need to set up each of our callsigns in Club Log:


  1. Login to Club Log and click Settings on the top menu.
  2. Click the Callsigns button to show this page. 
  3. Type in the callsign of another personal call that you hold ...
  4. ... and click the Add callsign button to create a record for that call.  If Club Log tells you at this point that a secondary callsign is already taken, that usually means you have previously registered and created a Club Log account for that call. Logout and login to the account you previously registered, and go to the Settings page and delete the account using the option to close your account completely. This will free-up the callsign so you can then logout and login to your main account again to register the call as a secondary call.
  5. You can select any one of your callsigns to be the "primary" call. This is the call that will show the combined DXCC counts in the tables.  Choose your normal everyday callsign as the primary.
  6. Now click the Linking button and select one or more of the secondary callsigns listed to link them to your primary callsign.

Having linked our calls and uploaded the relevant logs, a +1 (or +2 or ...) will appear next to the entry for the primary call in the league tables when they are next updated, like this:


The plus indicates that the line shows the number of DXCC countries worked by any of the linked callsigns, not necessarily under the primary call. Clicking my callsign in the league table pulls up a more detailed breakdown of my statistics and shows you that ZL2iFB is linked to ZM4G.

Several Club Log tables and charts have the option to report on individual or linked callsigns, so we still have the flexibility to check the statistics for our individual calls if we wish, without unlinking them.