This is a very frequently asked question.

Answer 1: Your QSL claims need to be declared correctly in the ADIF you upload

The DXCC information from your log is determined solely by the ADIF files you upload to your Club Log account.  Therefore, unless you have uploaded an ADIF file containing QSO records with the relevant country showing that it has been confirmed - either by card or in Logbook of the World - Club Log simply doesn't know that fact.

Regarding confirmations, the ADIF standard defines two relevant fields, each with two values:

  • The field LOTW_QSL_RCVD can have a value of 'Y' or 'V' to indicate a confirmation; and/or
  • The field QSL_RCVD can have a value of 'Y' or 'V' to indicate a confirmation.

If both fields are missing from the ADIFs you upload to Club Log, or neither contains a 'Y' or a 'V', Club Log cannot tell that the QSO has been confirmed.

Check the ADIF you uploaded and make sure your logging program has identified the LoTW confirmation correctly using (at least) one of those confirmation flags above. ADIF files are plain text, so you can browse, search and even edit them with a text editor such as Notepad.

Answer 2: Your ADIF is not actually complete (especially downloads from LoTW records)

Tip 1: On the honour roll and not getting the right results? If you are relying solely on a download of your log from ARRL Logbook of the World, it will not contain details of QSOs that predate the computerisation of the DXCC program! That is thought to be around the early 1990s. For this reason, if you do not see the correct totals in Club Log you will need to add any QSOs that are missing by merging an ADIF that you create manually. Unfortunately, this is a lot of work, but there is no alternative.

Tip 2: ADIFs extracted from LoTW's servers are not definitive. We often see cases of ADIFs which lack the full band, date/time or other details that are mandatory in ADIF to be valid. These faults are generally flagged when you upload them to Club Log. Please do not ask the Helpdesk to resolve problems with this sort of ADIF, because we do not have any access to the missing information. The only remedy is to work on getting a valid record of all your QSOs into a logging tool and make sure you upload an ADIF that contains everything needed to claim your correct DXCC score.

Tip 3: Uploading an incomplete ADIF gives incomplete results. A perfect log that tallies with all your DXCC credits means all your paper QSOs (if any) will need to be in there, with the correct dates and times (not logged sequentially on today's date if transcribed from paper) and, most important, you must log the callsign you heard - not adding extra prefix or suffix information to force your logger's behaviour.

If you are absolutely sure all of your QSOs really are in the ADIF file, and that all the details are real and match your activities on the air, then you may wish to continue by reading this article, about your Upload Report