Provided you are using one of the logging programs listed below and have an always-on Internet connection, you can configure the software to upload your QSOs to Club Log automatically as you log them.

Logging programLink
BBLoggerBBLogger site
DXLabSuiteDXLabs site
Logger32N2AMG's L32 utility
N1MMN2AMG's N1MM utility or use the Club Log Gateway
Rumlog (Mac)Rumlog site
StarLogStarLog site
Win-TestG4CLA or use the Club Log Gateway
WinLog32WinLog32 site
CQRLogCQRLog site
WLog2000WLog2000 site
LogCACLogCAC site
 SwisslogSwisslog site
UcxLogUcxLog site
Amateur Contact Log 6.2+AC Log site (N3FJP) site or use the Club Log Gateway
TurboLogTurboLog site
VQLogVQLog site
KLogKLog site
Ham Radio DeluxeHRD site

If you have developed a logging application or utility which works with Club Log's API, let us know and we'll add your software to the list. Likewise, please get in touch if the logging software you use is not yet listed but does support real-time log uploads to Club Log.