When you upload your log to Club Log, Club Log will process the log and, among other things, will determine what it believes to be the correct DXCC entity for each QSO, which it then compares against the DXCC entity claimed in the ADIF record. After the log processing is complete, Club Log normally emails you a report that either congratulates you on a successful upload or lists QSOs where the DXCC entity claimed in your ADIF file differs from that determined by Club Log.

Please check your upload reports carefully. If you agree with Club Log, please update your log in order to avoid repeating the message in subsequent uploads. If you disagree with Club Log, please raise a support ticket but first:
  • Check that you have the latest country file for your logging software. Most DXCC errors are due to out-of-date country files.
  • Search under DXCC Mappings for any relevant articles.
  • If the error message says "There are comments about <callsign> in Club Log", please follow the link and read the comments that may explain the error.
  • If you have transcribed QSOs from old QSL cards and/or paper logs, or if you have been configuring language settings on your computer, double-check that the day and month have not been transposed in the date field: date ranges are strictly observed for DXpeditions.
  • Check for typos in the callsigns such as O instead of 0, I instead of 1, Z instead of 2, or the converse.

When raising a support ticket, please provide the following information:
  • The reason you disagree with Club Log.
  • Supporting evidence such as a scan or photo of the QSL or a URL to a relevant web page.  Simply asserting that Club Log has got it wrong is unlikely to convince anyone!
  • A copy of the Club Log error message concerning the QSO in question, containing the QSO details that we can check.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Feedback from Club Log users helps improve the integrity (quality, comprehensiveness and accuracy) of Club Log's rules.

PS  If Club Log doesn't email its upload reports to you, you may have have turned off this option under Settings.