I can handle QSL images in pretty well any format or resolution.
However, it would help me greatly if users could note the following:

  • Preferred image size is 800px or greater on the maximum dimension. 
  • Please do not send a QSL image in the corner of an A4 scan. It can result in degradation of the quality of the image.
  • Please use your scanner's preview or autocrop or similar mode, so that the scan is restricted to the QSL area only.
  • Please ensure the image is in jpg format. Please do not use pdf format.
  • Please take care that the QSL is parallel to the edge of the scanner bed, rotational adjustment of the image can degrade image quality..

QSL images conforming to all of the above requirements are quick and easy to add to Call Tester and result in a good quality image.

Please attach the image to a Club Log Helpdesk ticket http://clublog.freshdesk.com/

It is not necessary to log in in order to raise a ticket

Thank you for your co-operation.

Alan 5B4AHJ