Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

This solution is work-in-progress, and is a place-holder for documenting comments in DX News Sheet (aka DXNS) and other documents regarding prefix changes.

Geoff Watts & RSGB DX News Sheets (aka DXNS):

Old PrefixNew PrefixDXCC EntityDXNS IssueDXNS DateDXNS CommentPrefix Effective From
 9A1San Marino8B1962-05-08"9A1 now said to be correct prefix for San Marino".
NOTE: 9A1 did not replace M1. The M1 prefix was used first, and continued to be used until April, 1983.
ZC45B4Cyprus171962-06-23"New prefix for all stations operating from Cyprus from July 1st"
More info: 5B, MD7, ZC4 - Island of Cyprus, 5B4, ZC4 - UK Sovereign Base Areas
VQ55X5Uganda311962-10-02"5X5 appears to be the new prefix for VQ5" 
ZM65W3W. Samoa441963-01-08"5W3 - new prefix for W. Samoa, said to become official about March 1963" 
 4U1ITUITU HQ521963-05"4U1ITU now only used by Geneva HQ". Note: This was the first operation using a 4U prefix (CQ Magazine September 1962).June 1962
VP56YAJamaica591963-04-23"VP5MJ said new prefix for Jamaica would be 6Y5,
but VP5BL is now signing 6YABL". NOTE:
the prefix for Jamaica really was 6YA for about a year.
9U59X5Rwanda621963-05-14"9U5 said to be the new prefix for Rwanda from June 1st.
Burundi will retain the 9U5 prefix".
NOTE: 9U5 was the prefix for both Rwanda and Burundi,
since Ruanda-Urundi was split on 1962-07-01.
VQ45Z4Kenya931963-12-17"5Z4 is the new prefix for the Republic of Kenya"2100 1963-12-11
 OLCzechoslovakia971964-01-21"OL is reported as prefix that will be used by all new OK stations operating on top band" 
6YA6Y5Jamaica1011964-02-18"6Y5 will be new prefix for Jamaica from April" 
VQ15H1Zanzibar1201964-06-30"5H1 is said to be the new prefix for Zanzibar" 
ZD67QMalawi1221964-07-07"7Q7 is the prefix for Malawi" & "All stations are to continue to use the ZD6 prefix until officially informed of their new c/s"1964-07-06
VS19M4Singapore1301964-09-08"9M4ME changed c/s from VS1ME while in QSO with G3HDA at 1630 Aug 31, at which time the new Singapore prefix came into force"1964-08-31
 5B4/ZC4Cyprus1321964-09-22"All 5B4 stations closed down last Thursday (note:1964-09-17) except those in British Crown Territory; the latter have reverted to the ZC4 prefix". NOTE: this implies that stations in the SBA used 5B4 calls??? 
VQ29J2Zambia1371964-10-27"N. Rhodesia VQ2 became Zambia 9J2 on Oct 24"1964-10-24
ZC59M8East Malaysia1381964-11-03"9M8 is new prefix for ZC5 Br. N. Borneo" - this is a strange comment as British North Borneo had been a deleted entity for more than a year at that time 
ZC59M8East Malaysia1391964-11-10"It has been reported that this (9M8) is the new prefix for ZC5, but 9M8EB is said to be QRV from Sarawak" 
ZS7VQ6Swaziland1411964-11-24"New licences with this prefix were recently issued by the ZS7 authorities! Stations have been told to revert to ZS7 for the time being. ZS7R signed VQ6R during the CQ Contest" 
ZC59M6East Malaysia1431964-12-08"9M6 seems to be the new prefix for ex ZC5, 9M8 for ex VS4" 
VS49M8East Malaysia1431964-12-08"9M6 seems to be the new prefix for ex ZC5, 9M8 for ex VS4" 
VP5ZF1Cayman Is1521965-02-16"ZF1 said to be new prefix for Cayman Is from April 1965?" NOTE: VP5 was shared between Cayman Is, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos IsSee #161 below
PK8FIndonesia1571965-03-23"Indonesia. New prefixes ar 8F1 W. Java, 8F2 Cent. Java, 8F3 E. Java, 8F4 Sumatra, 8F5 Borneo, 8F6 Celebes, Moluccas, Timor, W. New Guinea." NOTE: These were additional, not replacement, prefixes 
ZB19H1Malta1611965-04-20"9H1 - New prefix for ZB1 from Apr 17"1965-04-17
 3A0Monaco1651965-05-18"3A0 is prefix now issued to all non-residents QRV from Monaco" 
VP49Y4Trinidad & Tobago1921965-11-23"9Y4 is said to be the new prefix for VP4. 9Y4DS & 9Y4VT reported QRV" 
 GRScotland (Rockall)2051966-02-22"GR likely to be used for the Combined Services trip there (Rockall) by G3NAC & RAFARS scheduled for April/May". NOTE: This expedition did not happen, but the planned use of the GR prefix is interesting. 
 G5, GM5 etcUK2041966-02-15"G5... 3-letter calls wl be used for reciprocal licensing in UK." 
 G5, GM5 etcUK2051966-02-22"G5 stns now QRV in UK under reciprocal licensing" 
 JH1Japan2171966-05-17"JH1 - new prefix to be allocated to new JA1 licensees from about July, when all calls in the JA1 series will have been issued" 
LA/PJWSvalbard2281966-08-02"JW SVALBARD, new prefix." 
LA/PJXJan Mayen2281966-08-02"JX JAN MAYEN JX5CI <snip> is Ivar LA5CI QRV with new prefix." 
 3B, 3CCanada2361966-09-27"3C is special prefix for all VE stations during centennial year Jan 1-Dec 31 1967.
VO stations will use the prefix 3B".
VP38RGuyana2441966-11-22"New prefix for Guyana = 3 districts 8R1, 8R2, 8R3. 8R2I new c/s of VP3JR <snip>, 8R1P is new c/s of VP3AA"November 1966
 3YBouvet, Peter I etc2491966-12-27"This is the new prefix fo Bouvet, Peter I Island & other Norwegian territories in Antarctica" 
 SVGreece etc2511967-01-10"SV1AB confirms that the only legitimate calls issued at present are SV1AA-SV1BQ, plus the USA SV0 stations" 
VS9M8QMaldive Is2631967-04-04"8Q may soon be the new amateur prefix for MALDIVE IS, which were recently allocated c/s series 8QA-8QZ by ITU 
 SV1, SV5,SV9 2721967-06-06"It is understood that all SV1 stns are now QRT, but SV0 Stnas are still QRV". Presumably SV5/9 were also QRT? 
 FFrance2771967-07-11"3 letter F5K-- stations are club stations. New F licenses will get three letter F1--- calls" 
ZS87PLesotho2771967-07-11"7P may soon be the new amateur prefix for LESOTHO (ex-ZS8)" 
 4X#Various2781967-07-18"4X6 is reported to be the prefix for the former Egyptian territory, 4X7 former Syrian, 4X8 former Jordanian, 4X9GV QRV from Sinai Peninsular" 
 F6France3031968-01-09"F6 PX.! New French prefix" 
VP68P6Barbados3031968-01-09"Barbados is now independent, & since Jan. 1
all stns are using the new 8P6-calls that hv bn issued to them."
VS9A7ODemocratic Republic of Yemen3061968-01-30"7OA-7OZ = provisional callsign allocation by ITU
to South Yemen Republic (formerly Aden etc)."
ZS98OBotswana3101968-02-27"8OA-8OZ = callsign allocation by ITU to Botswana (formerly Bechuanaland) 
 4AMexico3121968-03-12"4A1, 4A2, 4A3 calls will be used by Mexican stations mar 31-Dec 31 1968" 
 SKSweden3141968-03-26"New prefix for Swedish Club-stns since Mar 22, but military stns will retain the SL prefix"1968-03-22
KG6IKA1Minami Torishima & Ogasawara3291968-07-09"KA1 is said to be the new prefix for MARCUS ISLAND & IWO JIMA from June 27"1968-06-27
ZLZL/A, ZL/C, ZL/KAuckland & Campbell,
Chatham, Kermadec
3341968-08-13"Stns QRV from Auckland & Campbell Is will in future sign /A, Chatham Is = /C, Kermadec Is = /K" 
 IItaly3501968-12-03"It is reported that I-stns will shortly use location prefixes as follows:
I1 special services, islands IS1, IT1 etc I2 Milan, I3 Venice, I4 Bologna, I5 Florence
I6 Bari, I7 Naples, I8 Reggio Calabria, I9 Piedmont, I0 Rome"
VK9C2Nauru3681969-04-15"C2A-C2Z = callsign allocation for Nauru (formerly VK9)" 
PXC3Andorra3751969-06-03 "C3A - C3Z = callsign allocation by ITU to Andorra (formerly PX, unofficial)" 
 L2Argentina3791969-07-01"L2A-L2Z = callsign allocation by I.T.U. toArgentina (additional to LU...)" 
 SZPoland3811969-07-15"Polish stns will use prefixes 3Z1-3Z9 July 22 1969-July 21 1970, to celebrate 25 years of independence" 
KA1JD1Ogasawara/Minami Torishima3831969-07-29"JD1 is the new prefix for Bonin & Volcano Is (now Ogasawara Is) & also for Marcus I (now Minami Torishima) recently retroceded to Japan by USA" 
 AXAustralia and VK9/VK0 territories3841969-08-05"VK-stns can use this prefix during 1970 and a special Cook Bi-centenary award will be available to o/seas stns who contact 50-stns using the AX- prefix 
 9V0Singapore385"1969-08-12"In connection with 150th anniversary of the founding of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles, fm Aug.9 to Sept.9 all 9V1 stns are permitted to use the 9V0-prefix with their usual call letters." 
 VU0India3931969-10-07"To celebrate Gandhi Centenary Year, VU-stns may use this prefix during Oct." Note: DXNS #369 says "VU stns may continue to use this (VU0) prefix during November" 
VQ83B8Mauritius3931969-10-07"3BA-3BZ = callsign allocation by ITU to Mauritius (formerly VQ8). (Canada has relinquished block 3B-3F)" 
 9I5Zambia3961969-10-28"All 9J2 stns were permitted to use this spec prefix during the 5th anniversary of Independence celebrations" 
 CS, CUPortugal3981969-11-11CT1 stns hope to use a special prefix during CQ contest weekend Nov. 29-30" 
EA03CEquatorial Guinea3981969-11-11"3CA-3Cz = callsign allocation by ITU to Equatorial Guinea (formerly Spanish Guinea, EA0)" 
 JR1Japan3981969-11-11"JR1ARK JR1BPQ" = newly licensed JA-stns 
 UAUSSR4021969-12-09"All new USSR stns will have 3-letters after the prefix-numeral, the first letter will indicate the oblast. No change for older stns with only 2-letters after the prefix-numeral"1970-01-01
 UKUSSR4021969-12-09"All Klub stns will use the prefix UK, & no change in the numeral, but the 1st-letter after the numeral will indicate the republic or oblast, e.g. UP2KAA to be UK2PAA"1970-01-01
VK9VK9VK9 territories4031969-12-16"Since 1 July 1969 all new callsigns will be issued in the following groups (existing licences are not affected):- VK9AA-9MZ Papua & New Guinea, VK9NA-VK9NZ Norfolk I, VK9XA-9XZ Christmas I, VK9YA-9YZ Cocos-Keeling Is"1969-07-01
VQ83B6-9Mauritius & Dependencies4071970-01-20"New VQ8-calls may have the following prefixes: 3B6 Agalega, 3B7 St. Brandon, 3B8 Mauritius, 3B9 Rodrigues. Use of the 3rd suffix letter by stns in the Dependencies will be discontinued, e.g. VQ8CFB will become 3B7CF." 
 VP2AA4131970-03-03Antigua & BarbudaVP2AASL reported QRV. DXNS says "VP2AA-- are reciprocal licences" 
 3DSwaziland4561971-01-05"3DA-3DM = callsign block allocation by ITU to Kingdom of Swaziland" 
 3E, 3FPanama4561971-01-05"3EA-3FZ = callsign block allocation by ITU to Republic of Panama" 
 3DFiji4791971-07-06"3DN-3DZ = callsign block allocation by ITU to Fiji" 
 3D2Fiji5051972-01-11"3D2EQ, 3D2GE, these are VR2 stations now QRV with their new prefix"1972-01-01??
PYPTBrazil5261972-06-06"All stations in Brasilia now use the PT prefix, since April 19."1972-04-19
MP4MA4Oman5341972-08-01"A4A - A4Z = calisign block allocation by ITU to Sultanate of Oman, (was MP4M)."
 JF1Japan5271972-06-13"Another new prefix in the JA series. Callsigns are now JA1, JE1, JF1, JH1, JR1 in the Kanto area" 
 4K1Antarctica5601973-02-06"Since Jan 1973, USSR Antarctic stations now use the 4K1 prefix:- 4K1A Moldezhnaya Base, 4K1B Mirny Station, 4K1C Vostok Station, 4K1D Novoizarevskaya, 4K1F Bellingshhausen Station, 4K1G Leningradskaya Base, 4K1H Russkaya Base."1973-01-01
MP4TA6United Arab Emirates5681973-04-03"Trucial States (MP4T) become the United Arab Emirates on April 1st."1973-04-01
MP4QA7Qatar5881973-08-21"A7A-A7Z = callsign block allocation by ITU to Qatar" 
VK9P29Papua Territory + Terr. New Guinea6051973-12-18"VK9FD says from Dec 20 his call will be changed to P29FD (new ITU prefix)". Note: Papua Territory & Terr. New Guinea did not merge into independent Papua New Guinea until 1975-09-16.1973-12-20
MP4BA9XBahrain6211974-04-16A9X wl be the new prefix for Bahrain Is.
 C4Cyprus6281974-06-04"C4... C4A - C4Z = calisign block allocation by ITU to the Republic of Cyprus" 
 JIJapan6671975-03-11"New Japanese prefix, all JG prefixes having now been issued" 
 TK7G,M,R,YFG, FM, FR, FY6721975-04-15"During May 1975, FG7 FM7 FR7 FY7 stns may use the prefix TK7G TK7M TK7R TK7Y, e.g. FG7XL=TK7GXL, FM7AQ=TK7MAQ"1975-05-01

TKF6761975-05-13"mni F-stns nw QRV during"May with special TK-prefix. TK0BRJ 14103 SSB 1103. TK0LG opn by Paul I1RBJ." . F6AJA: ""50th years anniversary of REF 'Reseau des Emeteurs Français'"
 C7WMO6801975-06-10"ITU have allocated callsign block C7A-C7Z to World Meteorological Organization" 
 C8, C9Mozambique6971975-10-07"C8A-C9Z = callsign block allocated to Mozambique" 
 VU7Andaman & Nicobar, Laccadive Is7101976-01-13"VU7 prefix is assigned to Andaman/Nicobar/Laccadive Is" " 
 D6Comoros7171976-03-02"D6A-D6Z = callsign block allocation by ITU to the State of the Comoros" 
VQ9S7Seychelles7391976-08-03"S7A-S7Z = callsign block allocation by ITU to Republic of Seychelles" 
 8O5Botswana7461976-10-06"8O5 prefix can be used by Botswana stations July 1 - Dec 31"1976-07-01
GCGJJersey7481977-02-05"GJ=Jersey, normal prefix from Jan 1 (GC obsolete)"1977-01-01
GCGUGuernsey7481977-02-05"GU=Guernsey, normal prefix from Jan 1 (GC obsolete)"1977-01-01
 NUSA7481977-02-05"nw a normal USA prefix" 
VQ9S7Seychelles7481977-02-05"S7=Seychelles, normal prefix from Jan 4 (VQ9 obsolete)"1977-01-04
 S8South Africa7481977-02-05"S8=Transkei, normal prefix from Jan 1, S8A-S8Z=ITU allocation, DXCC=same as South Africa"1977-01-01

GEUK7571977-04-05"June 4-12 all UK-stns may use the GE special 'Silver Jubilee' prefix."
FLJ2Djibouti7701977-07-05"J2A-J2Z Republic of Djibouti", "FL obsolete" 
VR4H4Solomon Is7771977-08-23"ITU allocation H4A-H4Z to Solomon Is.. Will replace VR4" 
VP2GJ3Grenada7881977-11-8"J3A-J3Z Grenada", "VP2G obsolete"1977-11-01
 P3Cyprus7951978-01-03No comment listed 
 P5North Korea7951978-01-03"P5A-P9Z Democratic People's Republic of Korea" 
 J4Greece8051978-03-14"Add to prefix list J4A-J4Z" 
CR3J5Guinea-Bissau8051978-03-14"Add to prefix list J5A-J5Z" 
VE8VY1Canada (Yukon)8121978-05-02"new prefix for all Yukon stns fm 25 Apr.1978, N.W.T. stns wl retain VE8"1978-04-25
KC4KP1Navassa8191978-06-20"future stations QRV from Navassa Island will use this prefix instead of KC4" 
VR4H4Solomon Is8221978-07-11"in your prefix list mark VR4 and transfer the other details to H4". See also note in #777 above. 
 JLJapan8261978-08-08"New Japanese 'normal' prefix" 
 4U1UNUN HQ8291978-08-29"4U1UN QSOs count for DXCC from Feb 4 1978"1978-02-04
VR8T2Tuvalu8351978-10-10"T2A-T2Z Tuvalu" 
VP2LJ6St Lucia8481979-02-06"St Lucia goes independent on Feb 21. VP2LFZ <snip> will be QRV for 24 hours on Feb 20 as VP2L, and for 24 hours on Feb 21st with new prefix as ----."1979-02-21
 SV5Dodecanese8511979-02-27"Greek call-areas from Feb 4: SV1 Athens & district, SV2 Macedonia & Thessaly, SV3 Peloponnesus, SV4 Central Greece, SV5 Dodecanese, SV6 Epirus, SV7 Thrace, SV8 Aegean Is, SV9 Crete, SV0 reciprocal licences"1979-02-04
 SV9Crete8511979-02-27"Greek call-areas from Feb 4: SV1 Athens & district, SV2 Macedonia & Thessaly, SV3 Peloponnesus, SV4 Central Greece, SV5 Dodecanese, SV6 Epirus, SV7 Thrace, SV8 Aegean Is, SV9 Crete, SV0 reciprocal licences"1979-02-04
VP2DJ7Dominica8561979-04-03"Please add to prefix list" 
KZ5HPCanal Zone8701979-07-10"Due to new Treaty, from Sept 30 all KZ5 operation will cease, ops must get an HP license1979-09-30
DMY2German Democratic Republic8771979-08-29See  
VR1, VR3T3 8821979-10-03See 
A2CA22, A24Botswana8821979-10-03"As from 1979-09-02, A22 now replaces the former A2C prefix, with A24 for novice stations"1979-09-02
DMY2German Democratic Republic8951980-01-01See 1980-01-01 
T3KT3AWestern Kiribati9241980-08-20"T3A = W.Kiribati (ex-T3K)."
VP2SJ8St Vincent & Grenadines9521981-02-18"New prefix J8A=J8Z St. Vincent (and Grenadines)" 
 ZL0New Zealand9551981-03-11"ZL0 calls are now issued to visitors" 
9M2, 9M6, 9M89M02, 9M06, 9M08West/East Malaysia9811981-09-09"9M2-9M6-9M8 stations may sign 9M02-9M06-9M08 until Sept 29"
VP2AV2Antigua9891981-11-04"New prefix for Antigua (ex VP2A)" 
ZEZ2Zimbabwe9911981-11-81First mention of the Z2 prefix: "Z24JS (ex ZE4JS) <snip>" 
  PY0 Various10391982-10-26 "A new callsign scheme is now operating for the PY0 islands. For class A & B licences, the first letter after the zero identifies the island. PY0F is Fernando de Noronha, PY0R is Atoll de Rocas, PY0M is Martim Vaz, PY0S is St Peter & Paul, and PY0T is Trinidade. For class C licences,the first letter of the suffix is W, X or Y, and the second letter is the island identifier." 
 M1T7San Marino10601983-04-05 "From April '83 the radio amateurs of San Marino will change their prefixes. The new callsigns are T77A-T77Z (1st Class Licence, T72A-T72Z (2nd Class Licence, VHF & above),T70A Club Station, T71A-T71Z (Special 1st Class Prefix)." Also, "T70A will be QRV for 24 hours from 1200z on April 20th".1983-04-20?
  G0, G1UK0651983-05-10"The UK callsign series for class A licencees ,G4AAA-ZZZ, will be followed by G0AAA-ZZZ. The class B series of G6AAA-ZZZwill be followed by G1AAA-ZZZ. Expect the first G0 calls to appear in mid 1984, and the first G1s in July 1983". 
 ZK9Niue10671983-05-24"ZK2 stations may use the ZK9 prefix until the end of the year" 
 5B0Cyprus10771983-08-02"Special prefix for Cyprus for World Communications Year" 
  ZL1-9, ZK3
10851983-09-27"Starting 1.1.84 <snip> ZL will adopt the following prefix allocations: ZL1-4 as before, ZL5 Antarctic bases, ZL6 Intruder Watch and Emergency Stations, ZL7 Chatham Islands (formerly ZL/C, ZL8 Kermadec Is (formerly ZL/K), ZL9 Auckland & Campbell Is (fromerly ZL/A), ZL0 Visitors to NZ, ZK3 TokelauIs (formerly ZM7)"1984-01-01
CR9XX9Macao10911983-11-08"Rumoured to be the new prefix for CR9, due to come in to se shortly". 
 TKFCCorsica11111984-04-03"New French callsigns. FC becomes TK <snip>. New calls will appear from Jan '85."
Note: Corsica TK calls actually appeared in March, 1984.
 FB8FT8tropole/TAAF11111984-04-03"New French callsigns. <snip> FB8 becomes FT8 <snip>. New calls will appear from Jan '85."

  FFrance11111984-04-03"New French callsigns. <snip>Existing F calls keep the same suffiix, but add a letter after the F to denote class of licence. New calls will appear from Jan '85." 
  Rx, UxRSFSR & USSR SSRs11111984-04-03 See 1984-05-01
 VK9LLord Howe I11121984-04-10"Lord Howe Island calls will in future be in the series VK9LA-VK9LZ" 
 TUCote d'Ivoire11131984-04-17" TU1 calls are novices, TU2s residents with full licence, TU4s are visitors". 
 FFrance & overseas Territories11411984-11-06See  
 F6, FE6France11661985-05-07"French first class licenceees are now permitted to omit the 'E' from he prefix if they wish. E.g. FE6AJA and F6AJA may both be used by the same operator". 
 UA1PUA1OFranz Josef Land11681985-5-21"DXpress notes that the prefix 'UA1P' is no longer available for Franz Josef Land, having been replaced by 'UA1O'." 
 5B25Cyprus11811985-08-20"This special prefix is being used by stations in Cyprus to celebrate 25 years of independence". 
CT2CU1-9Azores11911985-10-29"From 1 December, CT2 prefixes will be modified to indicate the individual island of residence: CU1 Santa Maria; CU2 Sao Miguel, CU3 Terceira, CU4 Graciosa, CU5 Sao George, CU6 Pico, CU7 Faial, CU8 Flores, CU9 Corvo".1985-12-01
 FFFrance11911985-10-29"This prefix may now be used by French Radio Club. FF6 will be common, FF2 & FF5 less so, FF3, FF8 & FF9 will be quite rare". 
  P49Bonaire, Curacao11931985-11-12"P49 Curacao. During the forthcoming CQWW CW Contest, W8ZF will be QRV with the call P49Z, a new prefix from the Netherlands Antilles". 
  FA, FBFrance12051986-02-18"The new French prefixes FA & FB are now being issued . FA is only for VHF but FB <snip> licencees may use 20w".  Operation by FB calls was limited to parts of the  40/20/15/10m bands. 
ZS2ZS8Prince Edward & Marion Is12481986-12-17"ZS8 - Inside DX reports that this prefix has been allocated to Mariion Island (ZS8MI) to avoid confusion with mainland ZS2 stations" 
 IU0Sardinia12471987-01-07"The prefix IU0 was used by Sardinian stations during December".
Note: the IU0 prefix was actually used from 1986-11-24

ZS7Antarctica12501987-01-14"This is the new prefix for South African Antarctic stations (ZS7ANT)" 
FS7FJ5Saint Martin
(Saint Barthelemy stations only)
12611987-04-"<snip> the new prefix FJ5 has been assigned for use on St.Barthelemy

only and DXCC status is unaffected".

29LSierra Leone (INVALID)12661987-05-06"29L1IS & 29L3LS" <snip> in the ET DX net.Sierra Leone stations are said to be using  the '29L' prefix for some time. This would appear to be illegal as the prefix block 2AA-2ZZ is allocated to the United Kingdom". 


"Mauritius stations will sign 3B1 from 31 Sept-1 November during the International Festival of the Seas". Note: I think the start date was intended to be 31st August - 3B1 stations were QRV in September. 3B1 stations were QRV well into November, beyond the Nov 1st end date.
"Update on previous info: this prefix is being
used by 3B8 stations from 5 September-4 November."

 3B1Mauritius12841987-09-09"Update on previous info: this prefix is being used by 3B8 stations from   5 September- 4 November".1987-09-05
 ON9Belgium12901987-10-21"This is a new prefix for the use of amateurs visiting Belgium". 
 TO8KNew Caledonia12931987-11-11"This special prefix will be used by some FK8 stations during the 8th Pacific Games to be held in Noumea. The club station FK8KAB is scheduled to sign TO8KPG from 1 November to 31 December and 26 stations have been issued calls in the TO8KA-KZ series for use from 1-31 December".1987-11-01

"DXNS has received an unconfirmed report that with effect fron 1 April, the prefix 3D6 will be changed to 3DA0".

3DA0BW & 3D0AH reported as QRV
KC6V6Micronesia13761989-07-26"The Federated States of Micronesia (ECI) has been issued with the prefix V6. Amateur stations will be in the series V63AA-ZZ. The date  of the changeover is not known. 
KX6V7Marshall Is13761989-07-26"The ITU has allocated the prefix V7 to the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Amateur stations will use calls in the series V73AA-ZZ." 
 4KUSSR islands13861989-10-11"The following prefixes are reported to have been allocated: 4K2 Franz Josef Land; 4K3 Soviet European Islands; 4K4 Soviet Asiatic islands." 
UPLYLithuania13871989-10-18"The three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were independent states before WWII, but were incorporated into the USSR during the war. As independent states, they were allocated special amateur prefixes UR, UQ and UP. At the beginning of October, the Amateur Radio Society of Lithuania received approval from the authorities in Moscow to replace the UP prefix with LY. Over 100 Lithuanian stations are now using the LY prefix, and the number is increasing daily." But see
URESEstonia13871989-10-18See entry for LY above. "Amateurs in Estonia are soon expected to start using callsigns in the series ES1-ES0. The country will be divided into 10 call areas similar to those which existed before WWII." 
URESEstonia13981990-01-10"The new ES callsigns have appeared from Estonia. The prefix number indicates the province  as follows (tnx LNDX):
ES1 Tallin and northern islands, ES2 Harju Rajon, ES3 Haapsalu, Rapla and Paide,
ES4 Kohtla-Jarve, Sillamae, Rakvere and Narva, ES5 Tartu, Jogeva and Polca,
ES6 Valga and Voru, ES7 Viljandi, ES8 Parnu, ES9 special events."
ZR3, ZS3V50, V51Namibia14091990-03-28"This is the new prefix for Namibia. <snip> "Once the excitement dies down (AHJ:of the independence celebrations) ez ZS3 stations will sign V51 followed by their oown suffixes, ZR3 will use V50." 
 2EEngland14771991-07-31"The first UK novice licence was issued last week and 13 year old Hugh McNeil 2E0AAA was reported on 28472 around 1100 on Friday 26 July".1991-07-26
 TM, TO, TXSee DXNS comment15101992-04-01"Special event stations for French (AHJ: Departments?) and French Territories are now being issued with these prefixes:
TM - France
TO - French Territories Overseas, eg FO, FK, FW
TX - French Departments Overseas, eg FM, FG, FY
There is no special identifier to indicate the country <snip>".
Y##DLFRG15221992-06-24"The old East German callsigns with a Y prefix will be converted to callsigns in the DL1..DL9 series by the end of 1992". 
 9ACroatia15241992-07-08"With effect from 0001z on 5th July, stations In Croatia have been usini\' the 9A prefix as follows:  Club stations sign 9A1 ex-YU2 sign 9A2, ex-YT2 sign 9A3, ex-4N2 SIgn 9A4" 
YU3S5Slovenia15241992-07-08"On-air information was that stations in the Republic of Slovenia (ex-YU3) would use the new prefix S5." 
YT2, YU2,

4O2, YZ2???
9ACroatia15241992-07-08"With effect from 0001z on 5th July, stations in Croatia  have been using 9a prefixes as follows:
Club stations sign 9A1
ex YU2 sign 9A2
ex YT2 sign 9A3
ex 4N2 sign 9A4"
NOTE: YZ2 & 4O2 stations are not mentioned.
 9A, S5Croatia15271992-07-29"Looks like the Croatian officials have jumped the gun a little. ARRL received the following teklefax from ITU on 13th July: I wish to confirm that the callsign series for Croatia is indeed 9AA-9ZZ. However, the date it will become effective will be announced sometime in August. With regard to slovenia, no official request for a call sign series has been received at the ITU". 
  CIS15431992-11-15"The following is adapted from information provided by NT2X via G0CGL: A proposal has been submitted to the
ITU by one of the administrative units responsible for such matters (known as RSS), without any consultation
with amateurs of respective CIS countries. The proposal rather reflects the desire to allocate call sign blocks for
their professional communications services and hams had no say in the matter. As a result, 95% of all
Ukrainian calls will have to change and a lot of others in other republics. The best CIS hams can hope for is to
have a moratorium on reissue of existing calls in another republic immediately after the changeover occurs, but
this remains unclear. Another proposal (as yet unofficial) from hams would be to keep suffixes intact to provide
some sort of link with the old call. The proposed new prefixes, wef 1 January 1993, are as follows:
Azerbaijan 4J
Moldova ER
Georgia 4L
Tadzhik EY
Armenia EK
Turkoman EZ
Byelorussia EU, E
Uzbek UJ-UMV, EW
Kazakh UN, UQ
Ukraine UR-UZ, EM-EO
Kirghiz EX
Russia UA-UI, RA.-RI (maybe RZ)
OK1, OK2


Czech Republic

Slovak Republic
15481993-01-06"The old Czechoslovakia ceased to exist on 31 December and two new countries emerged on 1 January: The  Czech Republic, capital Prague, old calls OK1 and OK2, has the new calls OK and OLL' Slovakia, capital
Bratislava, old call OK3, has the new call OM."
C9C9#Mozambique15581993-03-17"Stations in Mozambique are now being issued with callsigns in the C9* series. Ex-C9RJ.J is now
signing C91J; C9RDM is now C91S. The new call areas are as follows (tnx W8GIO via G4SVB):
C90 Commemorative & special 'event calls. C94 Nampula - Zambecia Provinces
C91 Maputo (Capital city and immediate area C95 Tete - Niasa Provinces
C92 Gaza - Inhambane Provinces C96 Cabo - del Provinces
C93 Sosala - Manica Provinces C97, C98, C99 VHF only
The club station callsign is now C91TDM."
  T9#Bosnia-Hercegovina15651993-05-05"The prefix blOCKS to be used by stations in Bosnia-Hercegovina from 1st May will be as follows (tnx
4N4CR via SM5AQD):
T90xxx National society and visitors T94xxx Old 4N4 callsigns
T91xxx _Clubs T95xxx C-lass, Novices, all-band
T92xxx VHF repeaters T96xxx C-class, Novices only 80m
T93xxx 2m/70cm T97, 98, 99 Future use
ED: This info is published in good faith although the 4N4 prefix was still being used on 2 May".
Note: actual start was 11 May.
4N4, 4O4 Bosnia-Hercegovina15661993-05-12"According to DXPress, the DXCC Desk will accept QSLs from 4O4 stations (Serbs in Bosnia) for DXCC credit for Bosnia for contacts made 15, October, 1991 and later." 
4N4, 4O4 Bosnia-Hercegovina15681993-05-26"The DX Bulletin carried the following announcement: "The use of the new T9 prefix for Bosnia-Hercegovina
spells the end of the credit for Serbian stations operating in Bosnia-Hercegovina. The DXCC Desk had been accepting these stations for DXCC Credit despite the fact that they were operating under Yugoslavian authority and not Bosnia-Hercegovina licensing. Now that the legitimate Bosnia-Hercegovina stations are using the T9 prefix, the Serbian stations usillg all Yugoslavian prefix such as 4O or 4N will no longer count for DXCC Credit."
 Z3Macedonia15691993-06-02"The latest ITU prefix list shows that the block Z3A-Z3Z has been allocated to Macedonia. It is not known when the callsigns of Macedonian amateurs will be changed". 
4N4, 4O4 Bosnia-Hercegovina15691993-06-02"To clarify the situation - the DXCC Desk has confirmed that QSL cards from 4N4 and 4O4 stations will be suitable for DXCC credit for QSOs up to 11 May. QSOs from 12 May onwards must be with T9 stations". 
 VE9Canada (New Brunswick)15961993-12-08"Some stations in New Brunswick are now using the prefix VE9." 

 CIS15981994-01-05"New CIS callsigns appear to have come into effect on 1 January \vith prefix blocks as follows:
European Russia (ex UA1, 3, 4 ,6) now RAA-RIZ, UAA-UIZ
Ukraine (ex UB, UT, UY) now EMA-EOZ, URZ-UZZ
Byelorussia (ex UC) now EUA-EWZ
Azerbaijan (ex UD) now 4JA-4JZ, 4KA-4KZ
Georgia (ex UF) now 4LA-4LZ
Armenia (ex UG) now EKA-EKZ
Turkemistan (ex UH) now EZA-EZZ 
Uzbekistan (ex UI) now UJA-UMZ

Tadzhikistan (ex UJ) ·now EYA-EYZ 

Kazakhstan (ex UL) now UNA-UQZ

Kirghiz (ex UM) now EXA-EXZ 

Moldavia (ex UO) now ERA-ERZ"

Note: Some of these prefixes started in 1993 (eg EK, Armenia, from January, 1993)

(see note)
UO5ERMoldova16031994-02-09"Moldova (ex-UO5) has been divided into 5 areas with the prefixes ER1-ER5. Prefixes  ER6-ER9 are for special purposes; ER0 is for foreiagn amateurs operating in Moldova" 
4J, 4KRIRussian Islands16061994-03-02"Further to the information published in DXNS 1598 Franz, DJ9ZB, reports that these blocks have also been issued:
Old 4J1 (M-V Island) now RIMVA-RIMVZ
Old 4K2 (Franz JoseO now HlFJA-RIFJZ
Antarctica now R1ANA-R1ANZ
Readers will have realised that many of the "old" callsigns are still being used, causing chaos for contesters and database editors!. DXNS has received many queries from readers about CIS call signs but there is very little sensible advice which can be offered apart from asking the op his QTH at the time of the contact if you have any doubts."
 EU, EV, EWBelarus16111994-04-06"Serge Bandukevich, of the DX-Club of the Republic of Belarus has provided the following info: The  prefixes currently in use in Belarus are EU, EV and EW, but most amateurs use only EU and EW.  The EV prefix is used only by memorial stations. Club stations have suffixes commencing W, X and  Z. Regions have different numbers in the prefix as follows:
1 - Minsk City (ex-UC2A)
2 - Minsk Region (ex-UC2C)
3 - Brest Region (ex-UC2L)
4 - Grodno Region (ex-UC2l)
5 - not used

6 - Vitebsk Region (ex-UC2W) 

7 - Mogilev Region (ex-UC2S) 

8 - Gomel Region (ex·UC20)

9 - not used 

0 - for visiting amateurs"

European Russia-Karelia16121994-04-13"Thanks to Ed Kritsky, NT2X for the following update on CIS calls:
The following information reflects the latest in a very confusing tale of the CIS callsigns, when it comes to Karelia: They currently use the following series:
UA1NVA-NZZ (UA1NA-NZ aren't Karelia, they are the old-timers in the city of St. Petersburg).
RK1NWA-NZZ Club stations. Please notice that only 3-letter suffixes, where the second letter of the suffix is either W, X, Y or Z, signify club calls.
RN1NA-NZ In Karelia they begun issuing individual calls in the RK-series, with 2-letter
My correspondent told me something quite interesting. IIt appears that about 2 weeks ago their radioclub was informed by the Ministry of Communications in Moscow (aka GIE) that special event stations in Karelia will be allowed the use of EM1N-call series. This may mean two things:
a. There exists a possibility of the EM-prefix use elsewhere in Russia.
b. EM-prefix was assigned to the Ukraine by the ITU; there is some sort of agreement for the use of that prefix by Russia - or Russia will be using this prefix without express permission from the Ukrame, i.e in error (!). Beats me.
There is also a small number of UN1-calls in existence in Karelia. They are not to be confused (try!) with the current assignment of the UN-series to Kazakhstan. The clue: Kazakhstan issues only UN2-0 calls, but not UN1's (for now)."
 CS-CUPortugal, Azores, Madeira16251994-07-13"Portuguese Telecom (ICP) has made substantial changes to the prefix system for Portuguese  amateur licences as follows:
1. Regular callsigns still have prefixes CT1 and CT4 for Portugal, CU for the Azores and CT3 for MadeIra.
2. Special event callsigns will be allocated as follows:
a) Portuguese mainland:
CT2, CT5, CT6, CT7 and CT8.
CQ1, CQ2, CQ4-CQ8 inclusive.
CS1, CS2, CS4-CS8 inclusive.  
b) Azores Islands
CU with any number  
c) Madeira Island
CT3 and CT9
CQ3 and CQ9
CS3 and CS9 _ XX prefix, excluding XX9 (!)
3. Prefixes commencing CR are no longer issued to Portuguese amateurs,
but are reserved for the National Civil protection service.
4. Prefixes 'including the number 0 (zero) are not issued to individual amateurs,
but are reserved for the National Repeater Service (VHF and UHF).
5. Callsigns with a single letter suffix are only issued to multi-operator stations
for contests and DXpeditions.
6. Single-operator stations may apply for special call signs, but the suffix must
be the same as the operators' regular call, eg CS6EEB for CT1EEB, etc.
7. Foreign amateurs applying for reciprocal licences will be issued with the
regular prefix/own call,
eg CT1/G0MQS, etc."
  EYTajikistan16271994-07-27"The following information on prefix aliocations in Tajikstan was provide by UJ8JMM,
via QRZDX:
EYI-3 Reserved for 'lTajikistan Amateur Radio League
EY4 Region of Gornyj (ex UJ-Rl
EY5 Region of Kulab City (Khatlonskaya Obl, ex UJ-K)
EY6 Reg!on of Kurgan-Tyube City (Khatlonskava Obl, ex UJ-X)
EY7 RegiOn of Khujant City (Leninabadskaya Obls, ex UJ-S)
EY8 Capital Region (Dushanbe City, ex UJ-J)
EY9 Region of Dushanbe City (Raiony Respublicanskogo Podchinenia &
Khatlonskaya Obl, ex UJ-J and UJ-X) .
EY0 Reserved for Tajikistan Amateur Radio League
Club callsigns have suffixes beginning Z (EY-Z). Amateurs active in each area are as follows:
EY1-3 - 1, EY4 - 1, EY5 - 0, EY6 - 2, EY7 - 27, EY8 - 28, EY9 - 4"

CS-CUPortugal, Madeira, Azores16291994-08-10"See DXNS 1625 and 1626. Luis, CT4NH has advised DXNS that the proposal to withdraw certain amateur prefixes was as a result of some "non-DX minded" Portuguese amateurs actually making such suggestions to their licensing authority. Thanks to the intervention of The Portuguese DX Group (GPDX) the authority has Rostponed the proposals for later discussion. There· can be no doubt that the loss of calls such os CQ7N, CT2A, CT3M, CR3M, etc, would be felt by participants in the major contests - especially WPX. DXers everywhere will wish GPDX well in thelr negotiations and trust the outcome IS favourable. " 
 M0, MI0, MM0, MW0 etc UK countries17081996-03-06"G/GM/GW etc UK: From 1 April 'M' will replace 'G' as the prefix for all new UK full licences issued, so M0 will be the new prefix for class A licences in England, MM0 for Scotland etc.  Club stations my use MX0, MS0 etc."1996-04-01
  RV7European/Asiatic Russia17721997-06-10"The RV7 prefix is only issued to foreigners and may be used anywhere in Russia without informing the local PTT" 
VS6VRHong Kong18111998-03-24"VR has been  used by Hong Kong since 1 July 1997 when VS6 was returned to China from the UK".1967-07-01
VR6VP6Pitcairn18111998-03-24"VR6 stations will change to the VP6 prefix on 1 May",1998-05-01
 2A, 2S, 2TScotland18631999-03-30"GM stations may be QRV 6 May/31 July with a 2S prefix in place of GM, 2A in place of MM and 2S in place of 2M (Novice stations), to commemorate the opening of the New Scottish Parliament".1999-05-06
 2C, 2X, 2YWales18641999-04-06"GW stations may use the 2C prefix, MW stations the 2X prefix and 2W Novices stations may use the 2Y prefix 6May/31 July to celebrate the opening of the new Welsh Parliament".1999-05-06

Source Date/issueOld prefixNew PrefixDXCC EntityCommentPrefix Effective From
RSGB BulletinMay 1946


RSGB BulletinMay 1946
KB6, KG6, KH6, KJ6, KL7, KM6, KP4, KP6, KS6, KV4,KW6, KZ5Various
RSGB BulletinMay 1946GGCChannel
Islands (Guernsey & Jersey)

CQ MagazineMay 1946ZLZLNew Zealand"March 29 saw the return of the ZL's to the air". However, RSGB Bulletins, February 1946, says: "New Zealand amateurs are back (as from December 8).1945-12-08
RSGB BulletinNovember 1946
J[2-9]Japan & Okinawa
F2VX's History of Amateur Radio: FB8FRMadagascar
"Since 1957, Madagascar obtained internal autonomy, and in 1958 the status of
autonomous republic, and finally the 26 June 1960 independence. The prefix "5R" replaces
"FB8" of Madagascar ... " (Quid - Plon 1973)
RSGB BulletinFebruary 1947VK8, VK9VK5

"VK8 and VK9 no longer exist. The former is now VK5 and the latter VK4.
RSGB BulletinMay 1947
SV0AA-SV0AZGreece (not Crete or Dodecanese)"XABK advises that a new allocation of calls has been made to British Army amateurs in Greece. Henceforth they will be in the seiese SV0AA to AZ. The new calls do not apply to Crete or Dodecanese". 
RSGB BulletinMay 1947MEMDVarious"The prefix ME has been changed to MD". 
RSGB BulletinJune 1947GGDIsle of Man
RSGB BulletinJuly 1947 MD6Iraq"All service YI's are now MD6" 
RSGB BulletinAugust, 1947 MD1-7Various"The new series being: MD1, Cyrenaica; MD2, Tripolitania; MD3, Eritrea; MD4. Italian Somaliland; MD5, Suez Canal Zone; MD6, British Forces in Iraq; MD7, British Forces in Cyprus. We see no reason for this latter prefix, as Cyprus is a British Colony and has an official prefix, ZC4". 
RSGB BulletinAugust 1947
D5Germany"D5 calls are now being issued in the French zone of Germany".
CQ MagazineAugust, 1947OEMBAustria"OE prefixes changed to MB. OE9AA is now MB9AA <snip>. Any OEs heard now will apparently be phonies." Note: these comments may only apply to Allied Forces stationed in Austria, and not to residents. 
RSGB BulletinNovember 1947
RSGB BulletinNovember 1947

CQ MagazineDecember, 1947PK6PK7Netherlands New Guinea"PK7, Netherlands New Guinea Our friend PK6HA, now PK7HA, passes along the news that Netherlands New Guinea is now PK7, and that Celebes and Moluccas remain PK6.". 
RSGB BulletinFebruary 1948I6MI6Eritrea
RSGB BulletinMarch 1948
MC1, MT2, MI3, MS4, HLVarious

RSGB BulletinApril 1948

RSGB BulletinJune 1948
ZS7, ZS8, ZS9

The DX'erJuly 1948
Vol 1 Issue 1

R.S.G.B BulletinOctober 1949?YORomania"YO appears to be the new prefix for Rumania"
CQ MagazineDecember 1953VS74S7Ceylon/Sri Lanka"As of Aug. 15 the prefix 4S7 has replaced VS7 in Ceylon"1953-08-15
R.S.G.B BulletinFebruary 1958MP4K9K2Kuwait
CQ MagazineMarch 1958ZD49G1Ghana"Effective January 1, 1958, Ghana's prefix changed from ZD4 to 9G1, although the suffix letters of the calls remain the same."1958-01-01
RSGB BulletinApril 1958VQ8xxVQ8xxxMauritius,
St. Brandon
CQ MagazineMarch 1952
"The 4UA series calls are designated for United Nations Use."
CQ MagazineApril 1952
KT1, WT1Tangier"The US State Dept has authorised the Tangier legation to issue calls to US licensed amateurs from KT1AA thru KT1ZZ and KT1AAA thru KT1ZZZ.. Novice class calls will be WT1AAA thru WT1ZZZ".
CQ MagazineJune 1955

CQ MagazineJune 1954 KC4ANavassa"The FCC has assigned the amateur callsign prefix to Navassa Island in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. In case any U.S. amateur station is ever established on that island a callsign will be selected from the block KC4AA through KC4AZ." 
CQ MagazineFebruary 1955OQ5OQ0Ruanda-Urundi region of Belgian Congo

CQ MagazineFebruary 1955
LU-ZAntarctica various
RSGB BulletinJune 1956LALA-XNorwegian counties (fylke)
RSGB BulletinJanuary 1959VS29M2MalayaAs from January 1, 1959, all VS2 callsigns were amended and Malayan amateurs now use the prefix 9M2.1050-01-01
CQ Magazine

September 1959
Polar Bears Radio-Club Bulletin "DXer" #91960-12-07ZD25N2Nigeria"New call, 5 N 2 (ox-ZD2) In Nigeria effective Jan 1 1961, British
Cameroon still using ZD2 however.,"
Polar Bears Radio-Club Bulletin "DXer" #91960-12-07 VS9O9C2Sultanate of Oman"9 C 2 for Sultanate of Oman.....;" 
RSGB Bulletin1962-01

African entities

CQAugust 1963

  Norway & territoriesYNv_MadmfmDGSjdOvQT-Aa5YHiNUrTxtag.JPG

CQMay 1972KR6KA6KR6 Okinawa (deleted)
KA6 Japan (Okinawa).

RadCom1975-05 -N1-N0, AA1-AL0 USASt 1975-04-25

CQ1984-12VP2KV4St Kitts Nevis"V4A-V4Z is the new callsign block allocated to St. Kitts and Nevis. St. Kitts and Nevis became an independent country on Sept.19, 1983, the 12th new country formed in the British West Indies since 1962."
RadCom1990-06 GC, GH,GS, GN, GP, GT, GXUK Club prefixes"UK licence amendments effective 1 June" . "Club stations may continue to use their existing callsigns, but if the station is being used for greetings messages, they will have to use an alternative second letter for the regional prefix; G becomes GX, GM-GS, GW-GC, GI-GN, GD-GT, GJ-GH and GU-GP1990-06-01
QST Canada1993-04
VY9Department of Communications club stations

LNNorwayThe LN prefix, a symbol for "Liberation Norway", was used for the first time on amateur radio 1-8 May 1995 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary for the end of World War II in Norway (9 April 1940-8 May 1945)..1995-01-01
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin1999-04-05403VE8VY0"NEW CANADIAN PREFIX. VY0 is the prefix for Canada's new Nunavut province. The call would have been VE8XN prior to April 1st."1999-04-01
ZK1CG2006-06-01ZK1E5South Cook Islands
North Cook Islands
The change from ZK1 to E5 was initially planned for 2006-06-01.
Amateur Radio - The First 100 Years (RSGB)
G etc
UKAll  UK Amateurs had to apply for new licences after WWII. The first of the new licences were issued in January 1946, so UK amateurs were not permitted to transmit in 1945.January 1946

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