Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

Wikipedia says "The Principality of Seborga is a micronation located in the northwestern Italian Province of Imperia in Liguria, near the French border, and in sight of Monaco.
The principality is coexistent with, and claims the territory of, the town of Seborga, which is an Italian municipality."

Although there have been legitimate operations from Seborga using Italian callsigns (which therefore count as the DXCC entity of Italy), there were a number of operations from Seborga, mostly around 1994-97, using one of the prefixes 0S, 1P, T0 and T89.

From a DXCC perspective, these operations were not valid:

  • Seborga is not a DXCC entity.
  • These prefixes have not been issued by ITU.
  • The callsigns were not issued by the Italian licensing authority, and therefore cannot count as Italy.

Club Log therefore maps QSOs with these stations as "INVALID".

Note: The term INVALID in Club Log only means that the QSO is not valid for DXCC.
NOTE: DXNS #1631, dated 1994-08-24 states "I1RBJ is the only person who can issue a licence." Italian amateurs operating from Seborga needed permission from the Italian Ministry of Posts and and Telecommunications to move equipment into Seborga.

Exceptionally, Italian callsigns with a 1P# prefix appended, eg I1A/1P0,count as Italy for DXCC. Other calls are invalid

Wikipedia Seborga

Bill Kennamer, K5FUV.