Depending on the QSO dates, the Austral Islands count for either the DXCC entity of Austral Islands, or the DXCC entity of French Polynesia, as follows:

ADIF Name ADIF DXCC No DXCC status Date
French Polynesia 175 Current Before 1998-04-01
Austral Islands 508 Current From 1998-04-01

Q: My QSL clearly says "Austral Islands" and yet Club Log maps my QSO to French Polynesia. Why is that?

A: Regardless of what is stated on the QSL card, or on maps and so forth at the time, QSOs with stations on the Austral Islands prior to the first of April 1998 are counted as French Polynesia in Club Log in accordance with the official ARRL DXCC rules.