There are two Christmas Islands that are of particular interest to DXers.

  1. The DXCC entity of Christmas Island (VK9X) is an Australian-administered island located in the Indian Ocean south of Indonesia.

  2. Christmas Island in central/south Pacific is part of the DXCC entity of Eastern Kiribati (T32, ex VR3).  In the local dialect, the word "Kiritimati" is pronounced "Kir-is-mas", explaining why the main island of Eastern Kiribati is known as Christmas Island.

Club Log's mapping is summarised in the table:

DXCC entity ADIF DXCC No DXCC status Prefix IOTA
Christmas Island 35 Current VK9X, ex ZC3 OC-002
Eastern Kiribati 48 Current T32, ex VR3 OC-024


To confuse matters still further, there are more Christmas Islands as well.  Wikipedia mentions one in Nova Scotia (VE1) and two off Tasmania (VK7), but we would not be surprised to learn of others, given the popularity of Christmas.