After the end of WW II, stations operating in Palestine were issued ZC6 callsigns by the British administration. These callsigns were mainly issued to British nationals.

The original DXCC entity of Palestine became a deleted entity on 1968-06-30. Contacts made with properly licensed ZC6 calls operating from that region after that date count for Israel. The ARRL Deleted Entities List, note 47, says, regarding Palestine (deleted):
"47 (ZC6,4X1) Only contacts made June 30, 1968, and before, count for this entity. Contacts made July 1, 1968, and after, count as Israel (4X)."
A few British servicemen operated with ZC6 calls for a short time after 1968-06-30.

Palestine was added to the DXCC List with a start date of 1 February 1999. This is treated as a different entity to the deleted entity of Palestine referred to above.

The DXCC mapping is summarised below:

ADIF Name ADIF DXCC No DXCC status Date Prefix
Palestine 196 Deleted Before 1968-07-01 ZC6, ZC8, 4X1
Israel 336 Current 1968-07-01 to 1999-01-31 ZC6
Palestine 510 Current From 1999-02-01 E4


Gaza was transferred to the Palestine National Authority in 1993. Prior to that, the area was administered by Egypt from 1948 - June 1967, after which it was administered by Israel until 1993. Note that ZC6 calls issued by the Palestine Authority for Gaza and Jericho, such as ZC6A & ZC6B in 1994, are not valid for DXCC as the licensing authority for the ZC6 prefix is Great Britain, not Palestine. RSGB DX Newsheet issue #1655, dated 1995-02-22, reports "Radiocommunication Agency, which is the responsible authority in the UK for the issue of amateur radio callsigns, has informed the Society (AHJ: RSGB) that it has not authorised the use of the ZC6 prefix, which is under its control, by stations in modern day Palestine".

In April/May/June 1995 a few stations signed <home call>/GAZA. Although permits were issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Posts of the Palestinian Authority, at that time Palestine did not exist as a DXCC entity. Also, Israel would not have issued a licence for these calls, so these calls do not count for DXCC.

In May 1995 and in June 1996, a number of stations operated from the Gaza strip using <home call>/ZC6.
The licences for the May 1995 operation, which stipulated the use of the ZC6 prefix, were issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Posts of the Palestinian Authority, so were not valid for DXCC for the reason stated above. The 1996 operation is also not valid for DXCC, probably for the same reason.

Contacts with Gaza from 1999-02-01 count for Palestine.