Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ.

The situation regarding visitors operating from Gibraltar has been as follows since 2006:

  • Gibraltar does not allow operation under the CEPT agreement.
  • Gibraltar does not issue ZB2xx callsigns to visitors.
  • The reciprocal licence does not permit operation on the HF bands (1.8-30MHz).

From the perspective of Club Log, this means that any station operating on the HF bands since 2006 with the callsign ZB2/<home call> is unauthorised. An example of this is ZB2/4O3AL, who was QRV from December 2006 until February 2007. This operation was unauthorised and was not allowed for DXCC credit. Club Log maps this callsign as INVALID.

On the other hand, ZB2/VA3ITA, who was QRV on 6m & 2m in August, 2011 was legitimately operating under the terms of his reciprocal licence.


Thanks to G3RFX, G5LP & GM4FDM for assistance with the above.