Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

In this document orange text indicates missing or unconfirmed information. If anyone has firm information on any of these items, please let me (Alan, 5B4AHJ) know. Also, QTH (city) information is required were not stated.

The USSR 'Radio' Magazine ran a contest in August 1974 to celebrate fifty years of publication. The contest ran from 2100z 1974-08-03 until 2100z 1974-08-04.

50 special event stations were activated, each having a call of the form R#x, where # is a single digit 0-9 signifying the USSR call area, and x is one of the letters A, B, C, D, F (it is not known why the letter 'E' was not used). There were 5 stations QRV from each of the ten USSR call areas. In addition, R50R was QRV from the magazine's club station in Moscow.

Known callsigns and QTHs are:

R1A = European Russia 
R1B = European Russia
R1C = European Russia
R1D = European Russia
R1F = European Russia (Vologda)
R2A = Lithuania
R2B = Belarus (Brest) 
R2C = Latvia (Riga)
R2D = Estonia (Tartu) 
R2F = Kaliningrad
R3A = European Russia (Moscow) 
R3B = European Russia
R3C = European Russia
R3D = European Russia (Gorky)
R3F = European Russia (Yaroslavl) 
R4A = European Russia (Kazan) 
R4B = European Russia
R4C = European Russia
R4D = European Russia
R4F = European Russia 
R5A = Ukraine or Moldova?
R5B = Ukraine or Moldova?
R5C = Ukraine or Moldova?
R5D = Ukraine or Moldova?
R5F = Ukraine (Odessa)
R50R = European Russia (Moscow) 
R6A = European Russia 
R6B = Azerbaijan (Baku)
R6C = European Russia (Novorossiysk)
R6D = European Russia (Rostov on Don)
R6F = Unknown
R7A = Kazakhstan
R7B = Unknown -Kazakhstan?
R7C = Unknown -Kazakhstan?
R7D = Unknown -Kazakhstan?
R7F = Unknown -Kazakhstan?
R8A = Kyrgyzstan (Frunze)
R8B = Turkmenistan
R8C = Unknown
R8D = Unknown
R8F = Uzbekistan (Samarkand)
R9A = Asiatic Russia
R9B = Asiatic Russia (Chelyabinsk)
R9C = Asiatic Russia
R9D = Asiatic Russia (Novosibirsk)
R9F = Asiatic Russia
R0A = Asiatic Russia
R0B = Asiatic Russia
R0C = Asiatic Russia
R0D = Asiatic Russia
R0F = Asiatic Russia
The above is compiled from information supplied by G3TXF, and from issues #637 of the DX News Sheet published by Geoff Watts.

Some QTH information has been taken from QSL cards.