This article is not complete - please help by providing the missing QTH info! Also, any QSL scans for callsigns that do not have a blue link would be appreciated.

The following is taken from the U60A QSL card:

"November 7, 1977, marked 60 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

This date is an important milestone in the life of Soviet people and the world liberation movement.

To commemorate the anniversary Soviet amateur radio operators have carried out DX-pedition <<October-60>>.

It began on board the historical cruiser <<Aurora>> in Leningrad and went through the cities that had been the first to

receive the radio message of the Revolution's victory."

The following is from DXNS #757, dated 1977-04-05:

"OKTYABR-60 - to commemorate the 60th anniversary of (the) Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917 station U60A

will operate from aboard the cruiser Aurora anchored at Leningrad from 0700 April 22 to 2100 April 23rd <snip>. 

Another 15 stations will use the U60 prefix in Soviet cities May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct 7th 0700 - 8th 2100."

Examination of the Club Log QSO database shows that, in fact, U60A was also QRV on 7th/8th of each month.

From the Club Log QSO database, and DXNS #765, dated 1977-05-31, the following stations were active:

Callsign DXCC City Notes
U60A European Russia Leningrad Aurora museum ship, OK for DXCC
U60ARH European Russia Archangelsk UA1O
U60BAK Azerbaijan Baku  
U60BGD European Russia Bielgorod UA3Z
European Russia Kalinin UA3I (not Kaliningrad)
U60KNK Unknown Unknown Possibly busted
U60MNK Belarus Minsk  
U60MSK European Russia Moscow UA3A
U60NKW Ukraine Nikolaev  
U60RST European Russia Rostov on Don UA6L
U60SEW Ukraine Sevastopol  
U60TKT Uzbekistan Tashkent  
U60TLN Estonia Tallinn  
U60UNK European Russia Ulyanovsk UA4L
U60URH Unknown Unknown Possibly busted
U60WLA European Russia Wladimir UA3V


The QTH information above was provided by DXNS #769, RU3AX & AD1C.