The 1980 Summer Olympic Games was celebrated primarily in Moscow, with some events held in Tallin, Leningrad, Kiev and Minsk.

A large number of existing stations were QRV for the event, using a special prefix for the event.

100 stations were QRV from Moscow, and another 25 were QRV from each of the other cities that hosted events. 

These stations were QRV from January 01 until August 03, as follows:

Normal prefix Special prefix Note
UA RX 2-letter suffices only
UA RZ 3-letter suffices only
UK RK Club stations
UC2 RZ2  
UR2 RU2  
UB5 RZ5  
UT5 RT5  
UY5 RY5  

In addition, the following SES stations were QRV. Note that the second letter of the prefix indicates the city:

Callsign DXCC QTH QRV dates Note
RM3O European Russia Moscow July 01-August 03  
RT2O Estonia Tallinn July 01-August 03  
RL1O European Russia Leningrad July 15-August 03  
RK5O Ukraine Kiev July 15-August 03  
RM2O Belarus Minsk July 15-August 03  


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