Twitter (X) can be connected to your Club Log account via the 'Settings' page. If enabled, Club Log will tweet in three situations, triggered by a new upload in "Merge" mode:

  1. You have worked one or more new DXCCs since your last QSO.
  2. You have worked new DXCCs on 6m or 160m
  3. If you are running an expedition log in Club Log (expedition mode) then every log update you perform is tweeted to your account.

The DXCC, band and mode are tweeted to your account, along with your callsign. If the tweet is too long, it's truncated as necessary.


  • Only new DXCCs after the first 75 DXCCs are tweeted,  otherwise it is much too noisy!
  • Tweets only occur when your upload uses "Merge" mode. If you use "Clear" there will be no tweets.
  • A common misunderstanding is that Club Log tweets every new band/mode slot. It does not do this - only all-time new ones (plus 160m/6m).

If you have enabled Twitter integration but don't see tweets when you work a new DXCC, you can try resetting the app by removing it from your Twitter account (just disabling it and reenabling it from Club Log doesn't usually have any effect in terms of clearing old problems up).

Note: Twitter policies and API restrictions make this feature very difficult to maintain. There is no guarantee it works today.