Club Log's Expedition Mode includes the facility to enable band/mode slot leaderboards. It also enables the propagation charts and other features which are attractive to DXers. However, leaderboards are complex and resource-intensive to host, and generally only suitable for larger expeditions. To prevent over-use of the facility, the following criteria are applied:

  • A rare DXCC or  rare IOTA
  • Over 5,000 QSOs are likely to be made
  • Multi-operator team
  • Multi-band, multi-mode, working all call areas
  • A single callsign shared by the entire team, rather than individual calls
  • Duration between 1 day and 60 days (not intended to be used by resident hams or contest stations)
  • Must be requested before the activation occurs (not after the activation has finished)

Please email Michael G7VJR in advance of your trip if you would like to use expedition mode. Please do not ask for expedition mode after you return home as this conflicts with the purpose of the expedition services in Club Log.

Exceptions and notes

Notable exceptions include semi-permanent (e.g. 6 month+) operations, including those by professionals based in rare locations such as telecomms support crew on the Antarctic research stations. There is sufficient benefit to the DX community that these stations may request expedition mode.

Single operators visiting notably rare locations may use the expedition tools, but only if the leaderboard option remains switched off both during and after the expedition. This is in response to valid criticisms that pile up behaviour is adversely affected by expeditions with too few operators using the leaderboards.

Even if your expedition does not meet the criteria to use expedition mode, you can still use Club Log's built-in log search and OQRS features just as everyone can. 

Why do these restrictions exist?

The main reason is that leaderboards tend to be dominated by the big guns if the expedition team is small and/or the activation is short. This is bad news for the little pistols and increases complaints over the use of leaderboards. Another reason is that the expedition tools require substantially more resources to supply than other features in Club Log, and there is not enough computing power available to provide them to all Club Log users.

IOTA Notes

In general, such operations are not concerned with filling lots of band/mode slots, but rather they aim to give out as many uniques or 'all time new ones' as possible. Consequently such expeditions are not suited to the expedition tools in Club Log, unless they also happen to be activating a rare DXCC. As a general rule, therefore, IOTA operations should not request the expedition mode unless the DXCC is also rare (top 150).