I consider the detailed QSO records stored in Club Log to be completely off-limits to anyone other than the owner of the logs in which they appear. While the expedition charts do show which slots have been worked, specific QSO details such as dates and times are deliberately withheld in order to reduce the possibility of chancers speculatively searching expedition logs for similar calls, alleging that their calls were busted, and trying to claim the QSOs since they will be unable to confirm the correct dates and times.  

Also, although I often receive emails asking for me to do so, I will not open your detailed log for inspection or make changes to it under any circumstances. This is both to protect the reputation of Club Log and to reassure you that your log is being properly cared for.

Club Log's helpdesk will reject all requests for detailed information about or changes to logs stored in Club Log, directing such enquiries to the owner of the logs instead.