If you desperately need to recover your log (for example if your log has been lost or irreparably damaged), it is possible to download a minimalist cut-down version of your log from Club Log as an ADIF file. 

If you have no better alternative, download your ADIF log file from the Settings page of your Club Log account. 

Other than the basic QSO data (such as dates, times, bands, callsigns and QSL status - see this article for a full list), some additional details that you might have recorded in your log (such as comments, names and locations) are discarded by Club Log when an uploaded file is incorporated into the database. Aside from the fact that it is not used by Club Log, the additional information would take up valuable disk space and processing power.

The ADIF you download will contain the DXCC country codes for each QSO that Club Log has determined.  These may differ from what you originally uploaded.