Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

To celebrate the Centenary of the Radio Society of Great Britain in July, 2013, UK radio amateurs and radio clubs could apply to use a special temporary callsign during the period 00:00 2013-07-05 to 23:59 2013-07-31. Dates are British Summer Time (GMT+1). Sucessful applicants were issued with a Notice of Variation (NoV).

Callsign format

The normal prefix of an individual callsign was replaced as follows:

  • 2D, 2E, 2G, 2I, 2J, 2M, 2U, 2W prefix callsigns all used 2V prefixes.
  • G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW prefix callsigns all used GV prefixes.
  • M, MD, MI, MJ, MM, MU, MW prefix callsigns all used MV prefixes.

The digit and suffix of all SES callsigns were the same as the licensee's normal callsign.

Callsign mapping

From the above, it is clear that the DXCC entity of a station cannot be determined from the callsign. Club Log maps all these callsigns to England, unless a callsign exception exists for the station.


The purpose of this article is to help clarify which special calls are QRV from which DXCC entity.

It is envisaged that this information will be used by those responsible for maintaining logging software country files, and also to enable individual hams to ensure that they log the calls with the correct DXCC entity.

Note to logging software authors: when updating your country files, you need to use 2013-07-04 as the start date, to allow for QSOs in the period 0001-0059 BST on 2013-07-05, which is 2301-2359 GMT on 2013-07-04.

List of SES callsign exceptions (Club Log has callsign exceptions for all these callsigns)

The following is believed to be final list of exceptions for RSGB Centenary SES callsigns.  Please advise 5B4AHJ of errors & omissions. My email address can be found on QRZ.COMAlternatively, please raise a support ticket on the Club Log Help Desk . Last update: 2013-08-01.

 Call  Operator  DXCC  Note
2V0CDY 2W0CDY  Wales  
2V0CGM 2W0CGM  Wales   
2V0CLJ 2W0CLJ  Wales   
2V0CSB 2I0CSB  Northern Ireland
2V0CVL 2W0CVL Wales  
2V0DAA 2W0DAA  Wales  
2V0DUN 2W0DUN  Wales   
2V0GME 2W0GME  Wales   
2V0GNG 2W0GNG  Wales   
2V0GUL 2M0GUL  Scotland   
2V0IOM 2D0IOM  Isle of Man   
2V0IVG 2I0IVG  Scotland  
2V0JCH 2M0JCH  Scotland   
2V0KAU 2M0KAU  Scotland   
2V0KED 2W0KED  Wales   
2V0TAX 2M0TAX  Scotland   
2V0WDS 2W0WDS Wales  
2V0YLX 2D0YLX  Isle of Man   
2V1EPO 2W1EPO  Wales   
2V1HFE 2M1HFE  Scotland   
2V1MIC 2M1MIC  Scotland   
2V1SJB 2M1SJB  Scotland  
GV0ANA GW0ANA  Wales   
GV0DBW GM0DBW  Scotland   
GV0DCK GW0DCK  Wales   
GV0DIV GW0DIV  Wales   
GV0EME GW0EME  Wales   
GV0FRE GW0FRE  Wales   
GV0GMN  GM0GMN  Scotland   
GV0GRD GM0GRD  Scotland   
GV0LZE GM0LZE  Scotland   
GV0MNP GW0MNP  Wales   
GV0NPL GW0NPL  Wales   
GV0OBX GM0OBX  Scotland   
GV0OGN GM0OGN  Scotland   
GV0OUD GD0OUD  Isle of Man  
GV0SYV GM0SYV Scotland   
GV0VRP GM0VRP  Scotland   
GV1BAN GM1BAN  Scotland   
GV1BZT GI1BZT  Northern Ireland   
GV1FKY GW1FKY  Wales   
GV1IOT GW1IOT  Wales   
GV1JFV GW1JFV  Wales   
GV1NBW GW1NBW  Wales   
GV3ATZ GW3ATZ  Wales   
GV3EEW GM3EEW Scotland   
GV3JIJ GM3JIJ  Scotland

GV3KVD GI3KVD  Northern Ireland   
GV3NHQ GM3NHQ Scotland  
GV3NIG GM3NIG Scotland   
GV3NKG GM3NKG Scotland   
GV3NNZ GM3NNZ Scotland   
GV3PIP GM3PIP Scotland   
GV3SG GI3SG  Northern Ireland
GV3TJE/P G3TJE  Wales  SOTA op 19/20 July 
GV3ULP GM3ULP  Scotland   
GV3UOF GW3UOF  Wales   
GV3VTB GM3VTB  Scotland   
GV3WEZ GW3WEZ  Wales   
GV3XJQ GW3XJQ  Wales   
GV3YEO GD3YEO  Isle of Man   
GV4BLO GM4BLO  Scotland   
GV4BRS GC4BRS Wales  Club Station 
GV4CQZ GW4CQZ  Wales   
GV4EMX GM4EMX  Scotland   
GV4FUE GI4FUE  Northern Ireland   
GV4GUH GI4GVH  Northern Ireland
GV4HRJ GM4HRJ  Scotland   
GV4ILS GM4ILS  Scotland   
GV4JKR GW4JKR Wales   
GV4JOJ GM4JOJ  Scotland   
GV4JQP  GW4JQP  Wales   
GV4JTF GI4JTF  Northern Ireland
GV4KLN GM4KLN Scotland   
GV4LVW GM4LVW Scotland   
GV4LXL GI4LXL  Northern Ireland   
GV4NQJ GW4NQJ  Wales   
GV4PRB EI7CC/GM4PRB Scotland 15-18 July
GV4PUC GW4PUC Wales   
GV4SRQ GI4SRQ  Northern Ireland   
GV4VTB GM4VTB  Scotland  
GV4WVN GI4WVN  Northern Ireland   
GV4XQJ GM4XQJ  Scotland   
GV6AFB GD6AFB  Isle of Man   
GV6BRC  GC6BRC  Wales Club Station
GV6KON GM6KON  Scotland   
GV6NKG GW6NKG  Wales   
GV7AXB GI7AXB  Northern Ireland   
GV7DHA GM7DHA  Scotland   
GV7GDE GM7GDE  Scotland   
GV7GMC GM7GMC  Scotland   
GV7HTG GD7HTG  Isle of Man   
GV7THH GI7THH  Northern Ireland   
GV7UNV GW7UNV  Wales   
GV7VJK GW7VJK  Wales   
GV8AVM GM8AVM  Scotland   
GV8DPV GM8DPV  Scotland   
GV8IQC GW8IQC  Wales   
GV8LYS GM8LYS  Scotland   
MV0AEL MW0AEL  Wales   
MV0ALS MI0ALS  Northern Ireland 
MV0BLM MW0BLM  Wales  
MV0DXH MM0DXH Scotland  
MV0EDX MW0EDX  Wales   
MV0FME MM0FME  Scotland   
MV0FMF MM0FMF Scotland
MV0GGB MI0GGB  Northern Ireland    
MV0GHM MM0GHM  Scotland   
MV0GWT MW0GWT  Wales   
MV0GXE MW0GXE  Wales   
MV0HAR MM0HAR  Scotland   
MV0HGY/P M0HGY Wales  SOTA op on 2013-07-14
MV0IML MW0IML Wales  MV0IML/P was QRV from SOTA G/SE-015, England on  2013-07-26.
MV0IOU MI0IOU Northern Ireland   
MV0JFC MI0JFC  Northern Ireland   
MV0JLC MI0JLC  Northern Ireland    
MV0LGS MM0LGS  Scotland   
MV0MOD MI0MOD  Northern Ireland    
MV0MSR MI0MSR  Northern Ireland   
MV0MVP  MI0MVP  Northern Ireland   
MV0NFC MS0NFC Scotland
Club station
MV0NJS MM0NJS  Scotland   
MV0PJJ MW0PJJ  Wales   
MV0PJJ/P MW0PJJ  Wales  SOTA  op 2013-07-17
MV0RRD MC0RRD  Wales  Club station 
MV0SGD MW0SGD  Wales   
MV0SGQ MM0SGQ  Scotland   
MV0SGR MW0SGR  Wales   
MV0SJT MM0SJT  Scotland   
MV0TBB MW0TBB  Wales   
MV0TGO MI0TGO Northern Ireland   
MV0VAX MI0VAX  Northern Ireland    
MV0WGM MI0WGM  Northern Ireland    
MV0VRQ MW0VRQ  Wales   
MV0WYN MW0WYN  Wales   
MV0XXW MM0XXW  Scotland   
MV0ZAO MI0ZAO Northern Ireland   
MV1CFA MW1CFA  Wales   
MV1CFN MW1CFN  Wales   
MV1EYP/P M1EYP  Wales SOTA op 2013-07-14 
MV1VOX MI1VOX  Northern Ireland    
MV1VTB MM1VTB  Scotland   
MV3BRR MM3BRR  Scotland
MV3CVB MM3CVB  Scotland   
MV3RNI MW3RNI  Wales   
MV3YHA MM3YHA  Scotland   
MV3YLX 2D0YLX Isle of Man   
MV3YMU MM3YMU Scotland   
MV5PSL MM5PSL  Scotland   
MV6BJJ MM6BJJ  Scotland   
MV6CQN MW6CQN  Wales   
MV6DTE MI6DTE  Northern Ireland  
MV6GTY MI6GTY  Northern Ireland   
MV6GWR MW6GWR  Wales   
MV6GWR/P MW6HWR Wales  SOTA op on 2013-07-15 and 2013-07-18
MV6KSJ MM6KSJ  Scotland   
MV6NIR MI6NIR Northern Ireland    
MV6NRQ MM6NRQ  Scotland  
MV6TLG MI6TLG  Northern Ireland   
MV6URC MW6URC  Wales